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    10 August, 2011, by Mike Hepburn

    The winners of ‘NVArt 6: Moving Innovation’ have been announced. The digital art contest challenged hundreds of artists from around the world to explore the future of electronic device design, and offered them a share of a prize pool worth over $34,000 (USD).

    This year’s competition was inspired by the ongoing revolution in personal computing devices. We are just at the beginning of a rapid ride into the future, and today’s current crop of smart phones, tablets and notebooks will look like they’re from the Stone Age in just a few short years as the rapid, relentless pace of technological advances never ceases. Where will the latest technological revolution take us? What will portable technology look like in the next decade? Will we carry it, wear it or maybe even plug it into ourselves? How will we interact with the next generation of tech devices? These are some of the questions that the ‘NVArt 6: Moving Innovation’ competition posed, and the following winning artists are the ones who best answered them, in the form of their innovative and inspiring still images.

    Judges of the NV Art 6 competition included: Kyle Swen of Astro; Zorana Gee, Adobe product manager; Adam Benton, a designer for Apple, Nintendo and Sony; Pascal Blanche, art director of Jagex; Steven Stahlberg, 3D artist at CCP; Arnoldas Vitkus, 1st place winner, NVArt 5; David Wright, creative director, NVIDIA), and; Mark Snoswell, president of CGSociety.

    NVIDIA Quadro 6000
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    Hamid Ibrahim
    Malé, The Maldives
    Prize: 1 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000

    Hamid Ibrahim from the Maldives wins an NVIDIA Quadro 6000. Ibrahim’s winning entry was described by Judge Stahlberg as “very cool, and an artistic image as well.” Judge Swen added that it was “a beautiful art piece. I like the 2D-3D transition.”

    Artist's Comments: "I wanted to show a device that is simple in appearance but at the same time that lets you do and create any thing you can imagine. The artwork was tricky to make because I had to merge a slightly surrealistic environment with a clean product render and match the lighting. I’m glad I didn’t abandon the concept and went forward with it. I’m very, very happy and it’s a lovely surprise. All thanks to CGSociety and NVIDIA that make these challenges possible and which drive us to learn more and improve our skills. And a very big thank you to the judges."


    Dream about Reality

    Kamil Deluga
    outside Warsaw, POLAND
    Prize: 1 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000

    Kamil Deluga of Poland also wins an NVIDIA Quadro 6000. Judge Benton liked this entry a lot and said, “Virtual sculpting in ones hands in this manner (or something like it) has to be an option in the future!” Judge Swen said it was “dynamically exciting.” Judge Vitkus enjoyed the simple and clean composition. Finally, Judge Wright thought it was a “very interesting approach for future interactive 3D modelling.”

    Artist's Comments: "In this art work I was focusing on hands, their importance in creativity. I wish there is a day when CG artists can feel his work in real life. I`m very proud that my work was appreciated and I feel obliged to make better artworks in the future."


    Vladimir Voelk
    Lingenfeld, GERMANY
    Prize: $1,000 (USD) and 1 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000

    Vladimir Voelk of Germany and his fan-like display device. Voelk wins$1,000 (USD) and an NVIDIA Quadro 6000. Judge Steven Stahlberg described Voelk’s winning entry as, “a clean, beautiful, stroke of genius... makes me think of Asia, especially Japanese minimalist design.” Astro’s Kyle Swen added, “We’re always trying to design objects as small and portable as possible, but with big usability features. This concept does this in a very clever way.” Arnoldas Vitkus, NVArt 5’s 1st place winner from last year, said that from a design standpoint this one “looks original, quite minimalistic—compact, cool fan concept and nicely rendered image.” Judge Adam Benton states, “It looks well thought out, and is well executed. I'd have been proud of this design if it were mine.”

    Artist's Comments: "I tried to analyze development and demand of technical products in past 10-15 years and then I tried to mirror my results to the future.So I found that portable technology has become a more and more important part of human life. The first wave was the demand for cell phones. Second wave boosted distribution of notebooks and netbooks in very strong way. Third wave of innovation was (and currently is) high demand for tablet-pc (iPod, etc.) This progression shows me a trend for combining cell phone and notebook functions together. So at this moment I had a goal to create a hybrid device that can combine most benefits from cell phones and notebook. One day I had a vision of sliding device, that looks like fan and I started to work on it. I used Rhinoceros3D for modeling and Vray for rendering."
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    Rama NHD320

    Stéphane Chasseloup
    Oviedo, SPAIN
    Prize: $2,000 (USD) and 2 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000

    Stéphane Chasseloup of Spain wins $2,000 (USD) and two NVIDIA Quadro 6000s. Chasseloup’s winning entry is a clever pull-out, all in one cylindrical device, which Judge David Wright thought that “you can clearly perceive the device was "just bought" and quick startup guides are being read, with the box freshly opened.” Judge Blanche described as “having a great sense of product design, very practical idea and nice presentation.” Both Judges Benton and Swen liked the amazing amount of photorealism, and Judge Gee was impressed by the rendering and lighting.

    Artist's Comments: "My goal with this image was to imagine a concept device which could be made in ten years. So I researched on the web to see what big companies and scientists are working on. But it’s quite difficult to imagine something that could be manufactured, technologically possible and attractive at the same time. I started making some sketches and drawings to find the best way for my device. I made the model in 3ds max, rendered it in Vray and the final composition was done in Photoshop. I feel very happy to win the prize. I would like to thank CGSociety and NVIDIA for such a great opportunity like the NVART 06 MOVING CGChallenge. Contests like these are great fun for sharing experiences and chances to meet great people around the world."


    Anthony Scime
    Fort Lauderdale, USA
    Prize: $10,000 (USD) and 2 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000

    Anthony Scime of the United States wins $10,000 (USD) and two NVIDIA Quadro 6000 professional graphics cards (valued at $4,999 USD ea., MSRP). It’s the industry’s state-of-the-art graphics processing unit (GPU), delivering an unmatched 6GB of GDDR5 memory and up to 5x faster performance for graphics professionals. Anthony Scime came in second in last year’s NVArt 5 competition. For this year’s competition, Anthony won 1st place by creating a beautifully rendered image depicting a young girl as she interacts with a holographic learning tool. Her wonderfully bored expression indicates that in her time this magical technology is commonplace. Judge Stahlberg exclaimed that it was, “Beautiful, artistic, whimsical, atmospheric.“ Judge Swen liked the “nice soft style- interesting composition—attention to detail is amazing. Even the girls expression is compelling.” Judge Zorana Gee from Adobe commented, “Loved that the product has a story behind it. This is a beautiful painting that creates intrigue.” Judge Vitkus admired “the materials, textures, illumination - everything is masterfully executed.” Finally, Judge Benton was impressed by the fact that it was so “sensitively done, and full of character.”

    Artist's Comments: "When approaching this competition I really pushed myself to think of an idea that would stand out, something that I could create a story with. I settled on the concept that mobile devices of our future would be much more than something we just use for certain tasks. It would be integrated into our lives so seamlessly, that it would literally become part of us. So I created something that humans of the future grow up and live with, learn and interact with the same as they would with another human being. I also decided to illustrate this with a child in an old and rustic cafe to create a contrast of the older setting with a futuristic high-end device. I really am beyond grateful for the opportunities given to digital artists by CGSociety, And I really want to thank them with NVIDIA for this incredible experience!"


    Gusztáv Szikszai
    Nyiregyhaza, HUNGARY
    Prize: 2 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000

    For the first time, a Special Prize for Best Product Visualization was added to the prize list. This prize (two NVIDIA Quadro 6000s) went to Szikszai Gusztav of Hungary. Judge Stahlberg said with excitement, “I don't know, I just love this ring, I'd buy it even if it didn't actually do anything useful!” Judge Swen added, “Beautiful simple design, well rendered.” Judge Gee also loved it and said, “Beautiful rendering, beautiful design, I want to buy one. Very realistic, simple, clean and not gimmicky.“ Judge Benton liked it’s simple functionality.

    Artist's comments: "I was always interested in product design and product visualization and this contest was the perfect place to express those interests, and it really made me push myself to finish my entry. About the artwork, I made it using Blender and it's new rendering engine Cycles so I learned a lot in the process. Also this was my first CGSociety challenge I actually finished so I didn't thought I was going to win anything."

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