Steve Sandles

Steve Sandles

After 14 years working with high fashion textiles, Steve decided to follow a childhood dream and have a total career change. Gaining a degree from the NCCA at Bournemouth Uni, he was employed by MPC as soon as he graduated as a junior cloth TD. Now after almost 8 years, and several high profile productions, from the Multi Award Winning Gravity to the Harry Potter series and pretty well everything in between, he is now a Senior Creature FX TD at Framestore, specializing in cloth simulation, and pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a few thousand polys and a bunch of springs.

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Cloth Simulation
with Steve Sandles

Steve Sandles, Framestore London, covers many aspects of cloth in CG
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8 Weeks 8 WEEKLY UNITS (starts: Oct. 14) (Sold Out) (teaching now) (starts: T.B.A.) (coming soon)