Ruben Mayor

Ruben Mayor

Ruben Mayor is currently an FX TD at Sony Pictures Imageworks Vancouver, working on the 2016 release: Alice Through the Looking Glass. Prior to that he was in Toronto working as a FX TD for Mr X. Inc where he starting working with Houdini and developing tools that he went on to use on Resident Evil, Retribution, Carrie, Pompeii and others.

Ruben has also worked at The Mill in London, contributing to productions such as Dredd, Merlin4, Sinbad, Dr Who and Sherlock.

Ruben started his career in visual effects during 2011, working for nWave Digital studio in Belgium as a FX TD on: Sammy's adventure 2 : Escape from Paradise.

Prior to 2011 Ruben worked as a CG Trainer for the Supinfocom Group, teaching MAXScript.

Before Ruben discovered his passion for visual effects, he was Electronic Engineer for BMW and then Bosch. Needing a change from that industry he joined the Swiss Army as an Officer.

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