Nik Hill

Nik Hill

From a young age, Nik has always been fascinated by science yet expressed himself visually. Growing up in Bristol, Nik was exposed to vivid street art by the likes of Banksy, TCF crew and Will Barras. This sparked an interest in visual expression and illustration. Over time Nik has evolved from a illustrator into a motion designer, fusing both his logical and creative ways of thinking.

Nik’s career began whist studying for his BA in Motion Graphics at London Met, where he entered a competition with studio Factory 311. After winning, Nik went on to create more motion design for Arsenal FC’s online TV channel - Arsenal 360. Nik graduated in 2012 and went on to freelance at SPOV, Weare17 and Territory. Nik then was taken on as Senior Motion Designer at Territory and worked on a number of feature films, including Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending and Agent 47. He was later promoted to Art Director at Territory, where he led a number of film projects, yet to be released. After working for around 4 years at Territory, Nik went freelance in order to free up time for personal work, passion projects and explore working with other studios around the globe.

Nik’s ever burning desire to re-invent himself sparked his latest ongoing project - Twenty Third C. A gender neutral art and jewellery atelier/lifestyle brand with the primary focus of creating conscious products and experiences. Born out of a desire to learn new skills, like digital sculpting and 3D printing, Twenty Third C soon snowballed into an online store available at This

Nik is a keen advocate for learning through online tutorials and in 2015/16 had the opportunity to give something back to the industry. He presented at IBC and NAB for Adobe as well as Siggraph for Maxon Cinema4D. Nik also presented at Maxon’s London training day with former colleague Peter Ezsenyi.

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