Keith Kamholz

Keith Kamholz

Keith Kamholz is a seasoned FX Technical Director with over 8 years experience working on feature films and commercials.  Prior to his current position at Double Negative, he's worked at Industrial Light & Magic, Blue Sky Studios, Tippett Studio, Framestore NY, and Absolute Post.  His career includes 10+ major films, with highlights including Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Jurassic World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, & Ice Age: Continental Drift.

After completing his dual-major B.A. in Computer Science & Media Study at SUNY Buffalo, Keith went on to graduate from NYU's CADA with a Master's degree in Digital Imaging and Design.  Nowadays, when he's not working on high-profile films, he's working on other artistic pursuits such as his gritty electronic music project Mechanical Vein.

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