Anastasia Opara

Anastasia Opara

Hi! My name is Anastasia. I grew up in a quite unique artistic environment: since 4 years old, I was an active participant of an educational creative programme “Artfor”, created by my parents, contemporary media artists Vladimir and Maya Opara. When I was only 5, a Russian newspaper “Versts” (“Версты”) wrote about me as the youngest participant of the IV annual international exhibition-festival FACOM-2000 in Noviy Manezh (“Новый Манеж”). By the age of 16, with my photographs, photographics and short movies, I have taken part in exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, and Hungary; I was a participant of the annual international exhibition of contemporary art “OSRTALE’10” in Dresden, the I Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, and had my personal exhibition in the state exhibition hall“A3 Gallery” in the center of Moscow.

My unquenchable passion for arts led me to explore the field of 3D computer graphics, and after finishing a Foundation Degree in the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, I joined NHTV International Game Architecture and Design (now known as “Creative Media and Game Technologies”) in Netherlands with a specialty of 3D Visual Arts. During my education, the biggest revelation was the Introduction to Procedural Modelling course by Kim Goossens. I felt like a child who was told how to do magic, and my immediate reaction was “I want to be a wizard!” Seeing things as a set of rules and patterns fascinates me, and every task becomes an absorbing puzzle when rendered through such a workflow. I envision a future where procedural is indistinguishable from human-made, and I enjoy exploring and pushing the limits of what is expected of the computer generated content, especially from an artistic point of view. Currently, I’m a Procedural Technical Artist Intern at EA Ghost Games.


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