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  • 19 Hours of Video

  • Software Used: Maya

  • Live Webinars Weekly

  • Difficulty Level:

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  • Keywords: ANIMATION| 3D


Game animations need to be created quickly and sometimes without iteration. 

In this four week course Kyle will demonstrate techniques for rapidly creating video game based animations. You will learn tips and tricks that will help you be successful in a video game environment.

Kyle will teach you many useful animation techniques including layered & pose to pose workflows, timing, appeal, animation layers, how to use video reference, and more! Using Maya ausing a provided (free) rig, you will take what you’ve learned and quickly create a number of animations including: walk & run cycles, transitions, & a character introduction.

What you will learn

This course will teach you how to animate some of the most common video game animations: cycles, transitions & introductions. 5-8 hours of video lessons each week will go over step by step how Kyle creates each of these animations. Outside of the video lessons, the course will require about 6-15 hours per week depending on skill level. Each week there will also be a 2 hr live Q&A where Kyle will critique assignments and answer questions. 

Got questions? Contact Kyle at


Week 1 - Cycles

In week one we will be covering cycles. Cycles are any animations that are able to loop & repeat themselves. We’ll go over how to create these quickly and still be able to bring life into the character.

  • Animating for Games
  • Personality in a Walk
  • Phases of a Walk
  • Maya Animation Basics
  • Layered Workflow
  • Creating Walk Cycle
  • Phases of a Run
  • Creating Run Cycle

Assignment: Choose from one of the pre-approved rigs. Animate 1 walk or run cycle.

Week 2 - Transitions

Week two will cover transitions. Transitions are animations that connect different player states. Standing to crouching, taking a weapon out, getting into a vehicle, the list goes on and on.  We will go over workflows for creating these quickly & efficiently and how to add some character to them.

  • What are Transitions?
  • Gathering Video Reference & How To Use It
  • Pose To Pose Workflow
  • Animating Taking a Weapon Out
  • Timing Techniques
  • Animating Jumping On A Vehicle

Assignment: Choose from one of the pre approved rigs. Animate 1 Character Transition

Week 3 - Character Introduction

Week three is character introductions. You’ve just gotten to the end of the Dungeon Level, you’ve defeated all the enemies and you think you’re home free, when all of a sudden a giant troll busts down a door and makes a thundering roar! That’s a character introduction. We’ll be using all the tips & tricks we’ve learned to create a cinematic character introduction animation.

  • NPC Animation
  • Camera & Composition
  • Layout
  • Blocking
  • Polish
  • Secondary: How To Stay Inspired

Assignment: Choose from one of the pre approved rigs. Animate one Character Introduction Animation

Week 4 - Catch Up

Week four is a catch up week. Use this week to catch up on any videos you may have missed and to finish up/polish your assignments. Kyle will be available to answer any questions you may have had and can go over other topics as well. There will also be secondary videos going over various topics (demo reels, inspiration, ergonomics)

  • Secondary: Hotkeys
  • Secondary: How To Stay Inspired
  • Secondary: Ergonomics & Keeping Healthy
  • Secondary: Working At A Studio


Software Needed

  • ​Maya 2010 or later
  • Quicktime Pro or video editing software for converting playblasts to h.264 & converting videos to image sequences to be imported into Maya (premiere, after effects, etc)

Minimum Skills

  • This is an intermediate entry level workshop. Students should have an understanding of Maya and the fundamentals of animation. This course will help you become a much faster and more efficient animator, which is key in the video game industry. 


  • Video Camera for filming reference (not required, but recommended)



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