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  • Difficulty Level:

    workshop-level-i I
  • Keywords: 2D


As long as there has been modern art, there have been pin-up girls, the slightly cheesy, slightly risque artistic embodiment of the most attractive women of their era.

In this fun, fabulous 8 week, online digital art CGWorkshop, professional pin-up painter Cris De Lara introduces you to what she calls "Pinupology" - the art of creating attractive, appealing pin-ups and "cheesecake girls'.  Cris first takes you through the history of pin-ups in the 20th and 21st century, and examines some "pin-up masters" and their work. You'll look at some of the most famous pin-up girls, and how pin-ups are incorporated today in advertising, comics and games. You'll look at styles like Manga, Cartoon and Vintage and how these affect the way a pin-up is presented.

And yes!  You'll get to paint your perfect pin-up. More than one if you like, and in one of three different styles. For your final project, Cris will help you choose a style and paint your pin-up from top to toe (literally!)

As well as careful and thorough studies of anatomy for digital painters, Chris has created videos on what kind of expression and style a pin-up traditionally exudes, and how learning about acting can help convey this. You'll learn about clothing styles and why they are so important to getting your pin-up right. You'll work on difficult-to-master areas like hair and skin textures.

All the while you'll receive feedback and paintovers from Cris, and the enthusiastic support of your classmates via the class forum.

*Please note: this is not a workshop aimed at creating erotica. It's aimed at studying and drawing iconic female pin-ups in 2D. In Cris' own words, "Sensual is OK. Vulgar is not OK."

To find out more, click the "Week-By-Week" dropdown menu below.


Week 1 - Introduction & Studying The Head


Docs/texts about :

-What are Pinups and their History. ( What is a Pinup Cheese Cake?)
-Big Masters( J.C Leyendecker, Gil Elvgren...) and their Pinup work at marketing.
-Famous Pinup girls/Sex Symbol ( as Betty Page, Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and others until the present day...)
-Use of pinups today in Games, Comics and Adv.
-Styles ( Vintage, Cartoon and Manga) -Websites and book as references.


Studying Head ( traditional style)

video – Eyes / nose
video – Lips
video - Facial Structure

Goal for the week:

Using Traditional Style we will practicing about the features of face and how to apply them on a Conceptual look of a Pinup Cheese Cake.

Week 2 - Studying Head ( traditional style)

video - Expressions and Personality
video - Painting Face ( Skin tones)
video - Hair Style ( Vintage x realistic Style)
video – Painting Hair ( Blond/Brunette/Red Hair/Afro Hair)

Goal for the week:

In Traditional Style we will conclude the studies about the head and will start to work on how to paint hair.

Week 3 - Studying Body Anatomy ( traditional style)

video - Studying Body ( Anatomy)
video - Body language
video – Foreshortening on body


Goal for the week:

On this week we wil practice about body language and how to use that on Pinup Images.

Week 4 - Studying Hands ( traditional style)

video - Hands and Feet
video - Gestures / Attitude
video – Foreshortening on Hands and Feet


Goal for the week:

This week will study the hands/feet and how important their use to create the charming look on the pinup look.

Week 5 - Studying Skin painting and Acting

video - Skin painting ( digitally )
video - Acting/Interactivity
video - Clothes and stereotypes ( vintage x modern )


Goal for the week:

. This week will show how to paint the pinup skin tone.
. The power of the acting on a pinup character
. How important are the good choice of the correct costumes of the pinup girl.

Week 6 - Studying Pinups in Cartoon Style

Cartoon Style

video – Cartoon Face and Features
video – Cartoon Anatomy and body language
video – Painting Pinup Cartoon with flat colors
video – Cartoon Hands and Feet
video – Cartoon Hair style
video – Painting Pinup Cartoon with flat colors

Goal for the week:

Using the basic topics studied (in traditional style) through the last weeks, we will study pinups in Cartoon Style.

Week 7 - Mixing Cartoon Style with realistic detailed painting

video – Face Cartoon pinup with detailed painting
video – Body in Cartoon Style with detailed painting
video – Hair and costumes


Goal of week: Create pinups Mixing Cartoon Style with detailed realistic Painting.

Week 8 - Final Week

Goal of week:  Choosing your favorite style ( realistic or cartooning or mixing realistic and cartooning )

Develop your own Pinup Cheese Cake Character!



  • intermediate level of digital painting experience - this is not a beginner workshop.


  • Adobe Photoshop or Painter 


  • Wacom Graphics Tablet or equivalent. 



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