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  • over 21 hours of Video

  • Difficulty Level:

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  • Keywords: 3D


This CGWorkshop will allow you to learn CG hair for the first time or improve skills you already have. All skill levels are welcome!  This online course is flexible to work with your skills whatever they may be and in whichever hair package you choose to use. By the end of the workshop you will have several portfolio pieces, focused solely on a hair or you might be adding the finishing touches to your character models. You will also have aquired the skills to tackle any human hair style you want!

As you work through this fully mentored CGWorkshop, you'll be taught techniques for long and short hair for men and women plus facial hair and body hair. You'll learn about coloring and shading as well as methods of achieving different looks; wet hair, greasy hair, hair that's been messed up in a fight etc. There are weekly assignments and Becca will give you individual feedback on your work.

Becca will take you through various techniques and how to integrate them into a production pipeline. You will learn ways to work quicker and smarter, optimizing your groom to avoid painful render times that often make hair difficult to work with, as well as ways to become more efficient with your grooming workflow.

What You will learn

At the end of the course you will have several pieces to add to your portfolio as well as having the skills to tackle any human hair style you could want.


Week 1 - Getting Started

  • Introduction.
  • How does CG hair work?
  • Terminology.
  • Layering of splines.
  • Starting your groom - the first half of the head.
  • Rendering and tweaking the hair settings to match the reference.


  • Groom #1.
  • Choose between one of the provided hair styles for something you’d like to do, or provide one to do of your own. You should use basic lights that show shadows and illuminate the hair to see details and a flat grey shaders with very little spec so that it is not distracting.
  • Goal for the week - 1st Pass - Layout splines for half of the head - Provide renders of the hair and screenshots of the splines from different angles.

Week 2 - Grouping

  • Mirroring.
  • Interpolation.
  • Breaking apart hair to different groups to control their settings better, and make your life easier.
  • Clumping (broad and fine clumps and when to use them).


  • Continuing work on groom #1.  Adding the extra pieces like nape and bangs. Break the hair into sections as needed.
  • Goal for the week - Mirror hair to other side of head and finish groom - Provide renders and screenshots of groom #1 from different angles, addressing notes.

Week 3 - Shading and Lighting

  • Basic hair shading.
  • Basic lighting.
  • How to achieve different looks (wet, greasy, etc).


  • Create hair balls demonstrating the following looks wet, greasy, disheveled.
  • Begin Groom #2.
  • Goal for the week - Second pass - Add a hair shader and try to match your image’s color.  Address notes and provide renders and screenshots of the splines from different angles.

Week 4 - Short Hair

  • This week we will look at the challenges of creating life-like short hair.


  • Groom #2 (continued).
  • Choose between one of the provided hair styles for something you’d like to do, or provide one to do of your own.
  • Goal for the week - First pass - Layout splines to match your reference. Provide renders and screenshots of the splines from different angles.  Facial hair (eyebrows, beards, etc) should be included for Groom #2.

Week 5 - Curls

  • This week we will be analyzing all the aspects of curls.


  • Groom #2 - finalise.
  • Goal for the week - Final Pass - More difficult elements should be added to the groom and be blended together. Push the groom as far as you can. Provide renders and screen caps of the splines.

Week 6 - Advanced Styles

  • This week we will look at advanced hair shapes (Braids, knots, etc). How to build them and where to use them.


  • Commence Groom #3.
  • You will pick a mor comples hair styleand work withit until the end of the class It should contain at least one advanced shape that will be incorporated into your hair style.
  • Goal for the week -First pass - Layout splines and start your first pass renders.  Provide renders and screenshots of the splines from different angles.

Week 7 - Optimization

  • This week we will move to optimizing your individual grooms


  • Groom #3. Continue modeling hair and tweak the shading based on notes.
  • Goal for the week - 2nd Pass - Address notes and continue pushing your groom.

Week 8 - Pushing it all the way

  • This week is all about pushing your work to be stunning with the last 5%. You will be finishing up all your grooms and fixing all the last little details


  • Goal for the week - finish groom #3!
  • Any other grooms can be submitted for critique at any time.  This is the week to push it all the way to the end for some stunning hair styles to show off on your CGPortfolio.



minimum requirements


  • Basic knowledge of 3D techniques and a software package such as Maya of 3D Studio Max


  • A 3D application such as Maya or 3D Studio Max



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