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  • Difficulty Level:

    workshop-level-i I
  • Keywords: 3D| 2D


Class Format:
Length: 8 Weeks
Lectures: Pre-Recorded lectures each week
Assignment: Deadlines each week
Feedback: Individually recorded
Live Q&As: Once a week



In this 8 week CGWorkshop, Luca will take you through the most upto date methods of Design being used in the Entertainment Industry today. From your early imaginings and sketches on paper, to a full rendered professional image that you can integrate in your portfolio. 

Luca's workshop will teach you how to approach the different tasks you will encounter in this industry. He will give you different methods and stratergies that will allow you to comminicate clearly with your clients and manage their expectations. 
You will also become familiar with the best methods to use in order to deliver on your clients requests.

A key starting point in order to succeed in your project is learning how to gather ideas and the how to focus on what the outcomes need to be. Luca will give you the tools to do that.

You will use many mediums in this workshop, starting with a focus on sketching: both on paper and digital. Then moving onto painting, Make Up design over the top of a person in a  photo, sculpting in 3D and Photobashing in Photoshop.

Each week Luca will focus on a particular method, then give you an assignment that allows you to become famaliar with the skills you been shown.

Special attention will be given to the most used method in the industry, the hybrid techniques of 2D and 3D with the special use of Photobashing to bring your concept to the next level of realism.

Luca will review your assignments weekly, and give you paint over feedback to help you understand where you can improve and what areas you may need to focus on.

At the end of the course you will have a Sketches, a Make Up design piece , 3D concepts and a final Realistic Concept Art for your portfolio.

Classroom Access Policy

CGMA policy states that all students will have access to classroom content for the duration of the class plus 4 weeks to review content. After this time is up classroom content will no longer be available.

For those classes with live Q&As, Q&A recordings as well as feedback recordings will be available for up to 6 months after the class is complete.

Certificate of Completion Policy

CGMA policy allows students to miss up to 2 assignments per class before they become ineligible to receive their Certificate of Completion.


Week 1 - Different methods of Design

  • Intro to the different methods of Design in the Entertainment Industry.
  • 2D traditional and digital Sketches
  • 2D digital Paintings
  • Maquettes
  • 3D Sculptures
  • 2D/3D paintings
  • Lecture on the methods we will use and why they are the most used in the business.

How to approach an assignment.

  • Gathering references
  • Gathering ideas
  • How to decide what to do before starting to work

Week 2 - Focus on 2D Sketching

  • Method: 2D traditional and digital Sketching
  • Intro to 2D traditional.
  • Starting assignment with a sketch on paper and in phtoshop.

Digital Sketching assignment.

Week 3 - Focus on 2D Digital Painting

  • Method: 2D digital Paintings.
  • Intro to 2D digital painting assignment. 
  • Working in Photoshop to achieve realistic concepts
  • Blending painting and photos.

Digital Painting assignment

Week 4 - 3D Sculpture in Zbrush

  • Method: 3D Sculptures in zbrush
  • Intro to 3D Sculptures in zbrush assignment. 
  • Using Zbrush to create quick sculptures for your client and how to present them.

Working on assignment using Zbrush

Week 5 - Modeling

  • Method: 2D-3D paintings - Modeling
  • Intro to 2D-3D paintings assignment.

Start assignment referencing the sketch from week 2 to create Concept Mesh

Week 6 - Rendering and Vray

  • Method: 2D-3D paintings - Rendering

Continuing assignment from week 5 using Keyshot or Vray for rendering the Concept Mesh.

Week 7 - Photoshop

  • Method: 2D-3D paintings - Final concept in Photoshop part 1
  • Photobashing techniques.

Continuing assignment from week 6 using Photoshop to create the final concept art

Week 8 - Final Piece

  • Method: 2D/3D paintings - Final concept in Photoshop part 2
  • Tips and tricks on how to create different versions of your concept.
  • Using Photoshop to create the final concept art

Your finished piece!


Minimum Skills

At least an introductry level of education in drawing, painting and sculpting, both traditional and digital.

Software and tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Zbrush
  • Keyshot or Vray
  • Pencil or Pen and Paper
  • Graphic Tablet.