Alessandro Baldasseroni's incredible art has graced many game cinematics and movies, including Thor: The Dark World, Batman: Arkham Knight, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Far Cry 3, and Halo Wars. The Riot Games’ lead character artist’s artwork has also featured in international magazines, and art books such as Ballistic Publishing’s EXPOSE, Elemental and d’Artiste. 

Although he studied Math at University, it was when he discovered 3D Studio MAX around 1996, that his true calling beckoned. After honing his skills in this pioneering piece of software, he managed to get a job in a videogame studio based in Milan. 

During this time his artwork was gaining enormous popularity in sites such as CGTalk and in books like EXPOSE. Consequently, he soon got noticed by Blur Studio! After freelancing with them for a while, he packed his bags and relocated to the US in 2007 to work with them full time. 

CGSociety caught up with the very busy Character artist recently for a chat.

Illustration done for Games Workshop Age of Sigmar set

Please describe what you do.
I`m a character artist for films, games and commercials. My daily job consists of modeling and texturing high resolution character assets, and delivering them through a given pipeline.

Done as an Homage to one of my favorite anime ever “Hokuto No Ken” (Fist of the North Star)

What are some of the projects you have worked on / clients or studios you've worked with?
I worked at Blur studio from 2007 to 2015 on a wide range of media outputs. Some of my film work includes Deadpool, Thor : the Dark World , The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and a pitch for The Goon .

Regarding game cinematics, I've worked on Halowars, The Division , League of Legends , Elder Scrolls online, Barman, Farcry 3, Deadrising 3 and many more.

I`m currently employed at Riot Games, as character artist in their CG development team.

Illustration done based on the Breton Knigh model i did at Blur for the Elder Scrolls Online cinematic

What’s the most important tool you use?
Hard to list just one, because for my profession I utilize more than one single software. But I would list 3D Studio Max and Maya for polymodeling, MARI for texture painting on my models. Photoshop. Zbrush for hi-res sculpting. And, Vray as my render engine in both Max and Maya.

Is there something you are currently working on, or are excited about starting, that you can tell us about?
Unfortunately most "new" things I work on professionally are covered by NDAs. In my spare time I`m working on a few collectibles, but again I can`t share too many details about them just yet.

We look forward to seeing more of your work for decades to come!

Little Toon Soldier. Personal artwork based on a concept by Tom Gluckmann.

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