Kyle Kenworthy is a highly respected and experienced animator who currently works at Schell Games. He has worked on numerous projects including Toy Story Midway Mania (where he worked directly with Pixar supervisors), Pirates of the Caribbean Online, & Disney's Toontown. Past projects also include work for clients such as Disney, Pixar, Sea World and the Dallas Mavericks.

He is also a great instructor who has created a dynamic 3 week CGWorkshop that will teach you how to animate creatures and make them game-ready. You will learn how to gather and analyze references to better understand their locomotion and behaviour, and how to use that reference to create game animations. Kyle will demonstrate various techniques to speed up your workflow and how you can approach different creatures in different ways to create quick, appealing video game animations. Students will be personally mentored during the course.

Working in video games requires you to have an understanding of a wide variety of creatures. Knowing how to approach different creatures and animate them quickly and efficiently is key to success. This great CGWorkshop will give you these invaluable skills.