From the artist, Steven Shmuely:

My latest character creation, a love letter to the world of Halloween fantasy. It's a scene inspired by two illustrations created by the incredible Paul Bonner. I took characters from two different illustrations and took creative liberties to weave their stories together. The goal was to make a scene that was dynamic, full of energy and movement and lots of little areas of interest. Take your time, watch it a couple of times and lookout for the little hidden things. :) It's an homage to Paul Bonner's highly detailed and idea-dense illustration style.

I used a lot of different software to create this scene, mostly Zbrush, 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag. All of the assets were designed to run in a real-time environment, so I made use of normal maps, and height maps with tessellation to up the level-of-detail.