Cubebrush is excited to host the WORLDS Challenge. An international art competition for environment and prop artists.

Participants will be tasked with designing their vision of a world, built upon the ruins of a previously destroyed one. Is the new world technologically advanced or it is rudimentary? Is it well developed or are they just starting to rebuild? They’ll be able to choose either the Fantasy or the Sci-fi genre for their environment in the 2D or 3D category. Teams of up to 3 will be allowed for the 3D category.

The best part?

Entries must be posted and updated on the community forum from concept to the finished product. Community feedback is encouraged as this is a community building event. The WORLDS Challenge begins June 12 th and ends September 1 st . The judging by a panel of industry veterans will begin thereafter. There will be five winners in each category that will be announced the first week of October.

Cubebrush's Worlds Challenge has some incredible sponsors including Wacom, CG Society, Level 52, Quixel, Marmoset, Coral and ImagineFX who are providing killer prizes.

Artwork by Jesper Friis