The Imaginarium of Technology have come together with Xprize to find the best, and brightest and the most beautifully illustrated ideas for Artificial Intelligence applications in developing world. The ideas can be futuristic, engineering, humanitarian or commercial but they should have the intellectual value and a sense of applicability for the good of the society. The topics are rather broad but some topics of interest are:
  • Humans and Machines Constructive Collaboration (Future of Work)
  • AI for Prosperity (how would masses make money with AI of future)
  • Promoting Healthier Citizens (How can AI help you through new devices)
  • Smart Cities and Communities
  • Ending Hunger (how to produce-distribute-farm with no infrastructure using AI)
  • Disaster Prevention and Relief (How to alert, find and rescue, how to nurture after disaster)
  • Education (how would education look like with AR and VR and AI)
  • AI for government
Keep asking yourself if you had the capability of a extremely powerful AI of the future how would you incorporate that to different challenges we have today. Be creative but practical, for example tone down the idea of bunch of humanoid robots helping in a disaster into a set of drones using IR sensors to detect carbon dioxide under the rubbles after an earthquake. The submissions are judged by a set of judges from art industry and academia therefore artistic and intellectual depth are both recommended. If you lack one the sides make sure to team up with an engineer or an artist. (The teams cannot be more than two people)

The Winners

The winning illustrations and their artists and ideators will be featured by Xprize and the Imaginarium of Technology. The winning illustrations will also be presented (exhibited) at the A.I. for Good Global Summit held at Geneva switzerland. This is an exceptionally high profile event where organizations and institutions such as World Health Organizations, United Nations, UNICEF,UNESCO, Stanford AI labs, Microsoft research, Google, Baidu, MIT, etc. are present at executive level. Selected teams will receive an open tour (travel expenses not paid) of the Xprize facilities.

Click here to see the full challenge description. Submission deadline is May 30th