Breaking Fourth is a virtual reality studio in London, UK. Founded in 2015 alongside the wave of new consumer VR technology, they are excited by the seemingly limitless creative possibilities associated with the new medium, especially around immersive storytelling. The studio is currently seeking animators to join in on the journey!

To find out more about the requirements and how to apply, please visit their job postings page. If you are interested in posting an opportunity of your own, you can do so on our careers page.

The Requirements:
  • Animating humanoid characters ready for use in Unity
  • Experience in multiple animation techniques including motion capture (inertial system)
  • Animating in-world objects such as vehicles, projectiles and effects
  • Cleaning up motion capture data, particularly interactions between independently-captured characters
  • Animating human faces with blend shapes
  • Cleaning up facial motion capture or automated lip-sync animation
  • Taking initiative when finding the best and fastest way to produce results. This could mean modifying off-the-shelf animations or combining them with specific mocap animations
The Ideal Candidate:
  • Confident in your own ability
  • Hungry to explore new technology
  • Problem-solver
  • Positive & enthusiastic
  • Works well in a team
  • Confidence in sharing ideas