CLO Virtual Fashion, a leading provider of 3D graphic clothe design software, announces the release of Marvelous Designer 6.5 on 26th April 2017. Used by 3D artists related to games, film, VFX(visual effects), 3D virtual interiors and architect industries, Marvelous Designer makes it easy for designing 3D garments and realistic animations to simulate 3D virtual clothes like real fabric.

With the introduction of Marvelous Designer 6.5, users gain various new functionalities for enhancing detailed fabric simulation and reducing the work process and time. Users will have more time to focus on creative tasks, rather than spending their time to do repetitive tasks.
Users can create a unique fabric pattern with various physical characteristics using the features like ‘Bond’ and ‘Skive’ of Marvelous Designer 6.5. Once a cloth garment has been created in Marvelous Designer, user can apply the ‘Bond’ in order to make the certain area of garment thicker, or can apply the ‘Skive’ in order to make the certain area of garment more flimsy.
For reducing the work process, users have the option to cut and sew fabrics the completed clothes on 3D garment window with the ‘3D Line’ function, as well as reducing recurring tasks and editing copied several patterns at once with the ‘instance’ function.

Users who want to combine 3D objects with 3D garments, can use the ‘Glue’ function to import various 3D objects from other 3D graphic software including 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush, and put those on 3D garments.

“The functionality of Marvelous Designer continues to extend at fast pace” said Jung Huk Boo, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion “This latest version of Marvelous Designer not only effective but also innovative, along with improvements to the unique and essential 3D virtual clothe functionality that were requested by our rapidly growing customer base.”

Marvelous Designer 6.5 is available now on the Marvelous Designer website. Users of Marvelous Designer 6, can upgrade it as a free.