“Sunny and Gerd” is an animated short from the mind of Canadian Director DaCosta Bayley and his production company, Chocolate Soop, created in part through collaboration with Nimble Collective's innovative Virtual Studio Service Platform. From script to screen, Nimble Collective leveraged some of the very early elements and feature sets of this Virtual Studio Service Platform to bring wide-ranging participants to the project.

DaCosta Bayley is a first-time director of animation. Working under the studio name ‘Chocolate Soop’, the self-taught, multifaceted illustrator DaCosta has been creating professionally since 1995, producing across various media, collaborating with artists around the world, and spearheading the annual MARCH of ROBOTS! event online.

Two sides of the same coin, this robot duo deals with life’s challenges very differently from one another. Sunny, the “let’s-make-it-happen” ball of energy, rolls with the punches and approaches every challenge ready to make “lemonade”. While Gerd has a firm idea about the way the world should work and likes things by the numbers. Day-to-day life on the factory planet is non-stop. Whether it’s testing a new atomic gizmo in the lab, performing routine maintenance on the production line or break-time in the automat cafe. It’s never long before things get a little crazy!

To find out more about the project visit http://www.sunnyandgerd.com/