Of all the fundamental skills an artist can draw upon when creating a believable character, none is more important and crucial than the understanding of anatomy. You can only imagine that for a Character Artist who may be charged with creating anything from: an alien creature born of degenerate matter in interstellar space, a stylized character like Po from Kung-Fu Panda, to the eerily hyper-realistic Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars: Rouge One –this is doubly the case.

The importance of anatomy in art goes back centuries. And the cord connecting the insights of the great masters, to techniques now widely used by contemporary/commercial artist, is unbroken. Our next guest, Christian Bull, is one of those artists. Classically trained as a sculpture in Florence, Christian has played a huge role in digitally sculpting some of the biggest and most iconic characters ever to grace the big screen.

In his role as Lead Modeler on Man of Steel, Total Recall, John Carter of Mars, and V for Vendetta (just to name a few), Christian developed a unique and very effective approach to anatomy. By using modern tools in concert with ancient/classical insights, Christian has formulated a standard of best practices for the modern Character Artist. Make sure to join us as we explore some of these incredible resources he developed for creating believable characters.

This session will take place this Friday at 12pm PDT, click here to register for the live session.

Christian's, Anatomy for Production course is currently open for registration. Click here for more information.