With huge changes to regulations this year, including bigger tires, wider cars and a lower rear wing, the F1 car releases are highly anticipated; especially that of McLaren. From management to drivers, it looks like 2017 could be a new era.

Everyone has been hazarding a guess as to what the new cars are going to look like, and the guys at RealtimeUK were no exception.

They’ve used their design initiative and skills in CGI to create a photo-real prediction of the McLaren Honda 2017 along with this slick animation mirroring the previous reveals.

“As no one really knows what the teams will be creating, we had to go off any mock-ups or drawing we could find of what others predicted the cars would look like. We wanted to stay as close to the 2017 regulations as possible, but also keep the car looking fast and powerful.

There’s a lot of speculation about the new team livery and colours, as historically for the past 20 years, the colour scheme has been mainly greys and blacks with red highlights. But all signs are pointing to a lot of orange. We had also seen some previous work by the team showing the Marlborough to West sponsored car from ’96, but wanted to go a step further and predict what this new car would look like. So the amount of changes, both physically and artistically, really spoke to us, plus we’ve always been McLaren fans!”

The big question is… will they be anywhere close to the mark?


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