Take a look at some of the stylized character pieces created by our talented members, as well as the concept art that inspired them!

1. The little girl with the matchsticks by Patrick Evrard 

Based on concept: The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen:

2. Warhead by Akin Adekile

Based on concept by Darren Bartley 

3. Shaman Bust by foxfrombox 

Based on own concept

4. Girl by Hailey Yoon and Phoebe Kim

Based on concept by Raul Guerra 

5. Karateca by italocerone 

Based on concept by Marco Furtado 

6. Megamario by yagodeamorim 

Based on concept by Jake Parker 

7. Sunshine by Erick Cazares 

 Based on concept by Luisa Rafidi 

8. blacksmith by Gilberto Ribeiro 

Based on concept by Cory Loftis