It has been an incredible year for us over here at CGSociety! Check out the articles that drew the biggest crown in 2016, and prepared to be inspired all over again. 

10. 3 Techniques to Apply to Your Creature Designs, with Brynn Metheney 

Recently, concept artist Brynn Metheney gave us an in-depth look at her traditional anatomy techniques. The invaluable tips coupled with her stunning graphics made this one of the most viewed articles of the year. 

9. 10 of the Scariest Expressions in Game Development 

Geoff Coates, one of our regular contributors, is a 20+ year game veteran whose articles have earned him a few places on this list. This one is sure to give all of you who work in games a few smiles.

8. What Does it Take to Start a VFX Company From Scratch?

Paul Franklin, co-founder of Double Negative and a force within the VFX industry, gave us an honest viewpoint of what it takes to start your own studio. If you see this in your future, this is definitely an article to revisit. 

Snapshot from Interstellar

7. 6 Tips to Improve your UV Mapping Workflow 

Another CGSociety regular, Paul Paulino, earned the 7th spot on our list with this humorous yet thoughtful look at UV Mapping. 

6. Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Better Artist 

CGWorkshops instructor Rob Chang inspired our community to step up their game with these very helpful hints. An article like this is timeless. 

Art by Rob Chang

5. Unity Adam Demo - The Full Film 

Sigh... who can forget Unity's 'Adam'? We sure didn't. This short rocked our community, and for obvious reasons. 

4. How to be an Art Director 

Geoff Coates is back again on our list with his honest, humorous insight into how to go for the coveted position of Art Director. 

3. Overwatch | Alive (Animated Short)

2016 was the year of Overwatch, and a great year for Blizzard. It's now wonder their Animated short "Alive" was the third most viewed article on CGSociety!

2. Making of Daenerys Targaryen, by Daniele La Mura 

The success of this making of came as no surprise to us. This thorough breakdown of her extremely well executed take on the iconic character is definitely worthy of the number 2 spot! 

1. Working with the Five Basic Types of Concept Artist 

Number 1 on our list is, yep, you guessed it... Geoff Coates!