Have you ever had an idea you wanted to create, but lack the engineering, or background to realize? Imagine if something you made could change the world.

With the help of Engineers and Scientist from MIT and Harvard, you might just get that chance!

The Imaginarium of Technology, cover the fields of science, engineering, entertainment, and medicine. Created by founders Barmak Heshmat, Soroush Shabahang, Gordon Moseley, Charlie Wen, Dylan Cole, Travis Bourbeau and Emmanuel Fragelus.

iMT hopes to connect users wishing to become a Resident Artist who will work together on inventions and ideas with scientists. As a huge bonus, creative minds behind some of the industries biggest films, Charlie Wen and Dylan Cole will be lending their expertise in entertainment as well.

iMT will be open to Resident Artists using both 2D and 3D to help visualize creations. Labs and Universities across the planet will be free to add ideas and inventions.

CG Society is enthusiastic about bringing iMT to the community. CGS-TV will introduce you to the people and places behind the submissions. Presenting videos, interviews, and special features. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for upcoming details, or click here to learn more.

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Barmak Heshmat

Dr. Barmak Heshmat is a research scientist and technology conceiver at MIT media lab. Dr. Heshmat research is focused on novel optical materials and imaging systems including computational and ultrafast imaging systems and his designs evolves and combines elements from mechanical and electrical engineering. Dr. Heshmat received his Ph.D. (on optoelectronics and nanomaterials) at the University of Victoria in 2013 before he moves to MIT. He has published over 20 journal papers and holds 4 patents on different topics ranging from robotics to optics and nanomaterials. Dr. Heshmat has developed numerous concepts for different companies such as TOYOTA, DENSO, KYOCERA and many others. His inventions have been featured on cover page of MIT website and MIT news multiple times. Dr. Heshmat has also given numerous invited talks on cutting edge technologies and their future such as: "Future of imaging" at TEDxBeaconstreet, "Before your immortality" at Boston Convention center and three other TEDx talks at different cities.

Gordon Moseley

Moseley is an undergraduate senior in mechanical engineering at MIT. He is a problem solver who loves and seeks out seemingly impossible challenges: anything from finding a way to bridge spinal cord injury and brain trauma via PT and medical devices, to mastering the game of ice-hockey. His focus at MIT has largely been oriented towards the biomedical side of engineering, working with non-invasive sensing and imaging as well the mechanical design of devices. He uses a style of creative and robust mechanical design to eliminate the complexity of systems while retaining functionality and quality. His work on a device for upper-limb rehabilitation for stroke victims at the Helix Centre, St. Mary’s Hospital London, was awarded the NHS Innovation Challenge Prize, and he was awarded the MIT Park Prize this spring for his work in design and manufacturing. 

Soroush Shabahang

Soroush Shabahang is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School. He got his PhD in optics and photonics from CREOL, the college of optics and photonics at University of Central Florida. His former research was focused on multimaterial fibers and applications in optics and nanotechnology. He holds four patents and has published several articles in the highest-rank peer reviewed journals. His observations lead to two new approaches for nanoparticle fabrication, which both were featured in Nature journal.

Travis Bourbeau

Travis Bourbeau is currently a Partner at CGSociety, Associate Producer for 3D World Magazine, and Co-Founder of Concept Art Workshop and Game Art Institute. Travis began his career in the industry in early 2000 as a self-educated artist turned freelance modeler working for studios including EA, Sony and Activision. He later landed the roles of Co-Founder, Senior Producer and Senior Artist at Massive Black, a premier provider of content creation focusing on quality illustration, animation and 3D assets for the entertainment industry. It was during this time at Massive Black that Travis found a passion for working in the business-side of art, specifically building teams of qualified artists to fit various entertainment projects. This shift in careers is something that he actively pursues today for the film and game industry via professional mentorships, event production, and workshop facilitation. Travis’s current work spans studios including Marvel, Legacy FX, Cloud Imperium, Riot Games, ILM, Disney and Naughty Dog to name a few. 

In addition to these successes, past highlights also include a 10-year run as Executive Producer/Director of Industry Relations with Gnomon, school of visual effects, games and animation in Hollywood. Here, Travis produced and directed over 100 on-campus events and art galleries for new-release films and games, taught classes, and assisted in producing over 80 professional training DVDs for the Gnomon Workshop. Travis has worked with 30+ studios and enjoys branching out into other realms of the 2D/3D art market including Defense, Comics, Paleontology, Medicine and AR/VR. 

Having been contacted by MIT Resident Scientist Barmakh Heshmat, Travis is thrilled to connect and help build IMT to bring together top artists from films and games alongside Barmakh, Dylan Cole, Charlie Wen, Manny Fragelus and with the help of resident artists and members of CGSociety.

Emmanuel Fragelus

Manny Fragelus is currently the acting President and CEO of the Computer Graphics Master Academy (CGMA). Founded in the summer of 2010, CGMA has grown into one of the world’s premier online academies for Entertainment Design and digital art education.

Since leaving university in 1999, Manny has worked tirelessly in the entertainment industry. Highlights from his past endeavors include work created at Mindjuice CG- a then South Florida based brand consulting group -that morphed into Finalé Studios whose clients included: BBDO, McCann-Erickson, Pepsi, Bacardi, and Telemundo. Around 2002- as growth opportunities reached a saturation point in the region -Manny pivoted and began focusing on pursuits in the Animation, Game, and Visual Effects industries. 

In the years that followed, Manny enjoyed back-to-back stints at NCSoft, Technicolor Creative Services, and DreamWorks Animation. It was at DreamWorks that he sharpened his now extensive skillset by directly contributing to such world renowned shows as Shrek Forever After, the Kung-fu Panda film franchise, How to Train Your Dragons 1&2, and The Croods. Additionally during this time, he was already well into producing the third installment of the his wildly popular Evolve CG Animation Conference; a catalyst that ultimately fueled his passion for digital art education. 

What flowed out of these wonderful annual conferences ultimately became the CGMA we celebrate today. Along with fellow Co-Founders and business partners Lilliams Garcia (CFO & COO), and Ted Davis (CTO & Head of Admissions), Manny launched the Computer Graphics Master Academy to the world with the express purpose of helping anyone become better artist. 

Under Manny’s leadership, CGMA has grown into a multi-million dollar operation boasting over 2,000 students a year (through its numerous 2D, 3D, Elective, and CGWorkshop courses and programs). CGMA classes attract not only new and aspiring artist, but also large numbers of top talent and professional artist from around the world.

In keeping with his entrepreneurial spirit, Manny has gone on to direct, produce, and develop multiple projects beyond film, games, and his school. He resides in Los Angeles, CA with his new born daughter Victory and wife Lilliams Garcia.

Dylan Cole

Dylan Cole is a concept artist, matte painter, and production designer working in the entertainment industry. Since graduating from UCLA in 2001, he has contributed art to over 60 films. Notable credits include Senior Matte Painter on Return of the King, Concept Art Director on Avatar, and Production Designer for Maleficent. Currently, Dylan is co-production designer on all four of the Avatar sequels. The Southern California native grew up drawing spaceships and alien worlds and this passion led to the creation of his first book, The Otherworldly Adventures of Tyler Washburn. Hydra Entertainment, a development company he co-founded, is currently developing a film adaptation of the book. Dylan enjoys teaching workshops at various events and schools around the world and has a line of instructional DVDs from the Gnomon Workshop. 

Charlie Wen

With a calling to make a positive difference through visual development and storytelling, Charlie has been pioneering for 20 years in top grossing Hollywood films (including 3 Worldwide Top 10 Films), video games, and animation.

Growing up in the small town of New Albany, Indiana, Charlie fed his imagination drawing in his parent's kitchen of the town's only Chinese restaurant. After college, Charlie followed Disney's trail of animated successes to get his foot in the industry, which led to teaching, concepting for commercials, minor sports game titles in Utah, and eventually to Sony Santa Monica (SCEA) in 2001. There he founded, and was Director of Visual Development on the multiple award-winning game series God of War 1 & 2, and designedKratos - one of the most iconic characters in video game history. 

8 years and numerous awards later, Charlie jumped on the opportunities to concept, production design, and write on the CG animated features of his childhood heroes: Gatchaman and Thundercats. Soon after, he expanded to concept design live-action films such as Warcraft, Akira, SuckerPunch, Paradise Lost, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. By 2009 Charlie was invited by Marvel Studios, and he co-founded and headed a precedence-setting in-house Visual Development department - first in the live-action film industry. As the department Head, Charlie defined the visual style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His films include: Marvel's The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor, Captain America: the First Avenger, Thor: the Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and Ant-Man. After 6 years at Marvel, Charlie agreed to spearhead a future division of the world's biggest game, League of Legends by Riot Games. Independently, he has also coauthored a historic fiction novel, Dragon King: The First Emperor of China. Having a unique instinct for timing and vision for story, Charlie noticed a birth of opportunities in a genre close to his heart and expertise, and in early 2016, created Storyus Entertainment, a company set to propel his previous achievements into the future, in order to inspire hope and rediscovery through universally impactful stories and games.

Francis Goeltner

Born in southern Germany, I went off to study Business Computer Science, after a youth of AD&D and video games.8 years of work as a software engineer followed, first in business applications, then for a small game studio.Close-up ‘exposure’ to the art department there inspired me to change careers, so I enrolled for almost 2 years at FZD in Singapore. After graduation I filled the position of Art Director in a game studio in Jakarta for 2 years. Currently I work as Art Director for a VR project in Germany and freelance as Concept Artist & Designer.

Elliot DeVries

Elliot is a freelance concept artist and designer based in the US with a degrees in industrial design from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and FZD school of design. In addition to working in design fields he has also worked as a scientific illustrator and participated in scientific field research in Mcmurdo and Palmer station Antarctica. His passion for Sci-Fi is grounded through the perspectives of his education and experiences. 

Gurmukh Bhasin

Gurmukh Bhasin is an architectural designer turned 3D CONCEPT ARTIST, who currently hails in Los Angeles. His addiction to adventure and all that is creative, was fostered at a young age -- boarding school in India, architecture school in Arizona, and skateboarding through the streets of Barcelona, by way of graduate school at the Southern California Institute of Architecture [sciARC]. Gurmukh's work draws significantly from his life experiences, and provides a constant source of inspiration as he continues to explore the seemingly untapped intersections between reality and imagination. 

While immersing himself in the professional realm of architecture for many years, Gurmukh discovered that his true passion lied in the concept phase of design. Essentially, a self-taught digital artist, his method and aesthetic is unique in that it draws from his background in architecture and real world design. Using tools such as Maya, Keyshot and Photoshop early on in his design development process, Gurmukh is constantly examining new ways to merge traditional and contemporary design techniques when creating surreal and often times un-earthly environments, architecture, vehicles,and props. 

A self-proclaimed "eternal student," Gurmukh sees great potential in the future of digital art and design. He hopes that his undying curiosity and enthusiasm to seek out what lies beyond the bounds of his current expertise will ensure that he gets an opportunity to play a significant design role in multiple creative fields.