The “Cloud” collapsed and destroyed all the digital data in the world a few years ago in an
electromagnetic storm.

Since that monumental moment, the world has been slowly recovering, AD is now AC “After Cloud”.

The "Cloud" has slowly been reactivated and interfaces revived.

Marc goes in search of Karen, his wife, lover, partner, and best friend before the fall of the "Cloud" and now his lost love.

In an ultra-connected world filled with hyper connected people, how do you find your one true love when the world is partially disconnected and you have lost her?

NOMAD FILMS presents
A film written and directed by Francois Ferracci
Produced by Thomas Kornfeld and Chris Sharp
Cast: Luka Kellou, Magali Heu, Jeanne-Marie Ducarre
Cinematography: Antoine Carpentier
Production Designer: Delphine Guttierez
Score: Alexandre Fortuit
Sound: Vincent Rochette, Sebastien Marquilly, Fabien Devillers
Vfx Supervisor: Thibault De Carvalho