Post-Human is a scifi proof-of-concept short film based on a bestselling series of novels. It was adapted by the novelist himself, David Simpson, who wrote and directed the short. It’s his first film, and was filmed with only a three-person crew on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera over just three hours. The camera had a metabones smart lens mount and the lens was a Sigma 18-35mm. The smart lens mount allowed for the film to be lit by natural light, and the camera stabilization was achieved through tripods, sliders, and a Glidecam HD 4000. Sound was recorded on the day with a Zoom and a Rhode mic, but all of the sound was added later in Adobe Audition. David wrote, shot, and edited the movie and mixed the sound with his wife, Production Designer, Jennifer Simpson. The helmet was an original design from a graphic novel adaptation David is illustrating and was printed on a second-hand Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. The home was designed by Arthur Erickson and Battlestar Galactica fans might recognize some of the scenery as it is very close to the home featured in Caprica (but it isn’t the same house). David was his own location scout and location manager, he also talent scouted the actors, Madison Smith (Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural) and Bridget Graham (Pixels, Manhattan Undying, Hemlock Grove), dealt with the actors union, insured the actors, insured the filming location, and provided transportation, food, etc. The filming itself cost $4,000, with $3,000 for three hours at the location. Most of the budget went to visual effects. 

The goal of the short film is to stoke interest in Hollywood for a feature-length film, though in the early days since its release, reaction has been so positive amongst fans that another option would be filming a much smaller budget movie using similar, inexpensive but capable equipment. 

The Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, combined with a metabones smart lens mount and a Sigma 18-35mm lens, are capable of producing indie films that rival Hollywood standards. With fantastic software like DaVinci Resolve for colour correction, Adobe Audition for sound mixing, After Effects, Blender, etc for visual effects, and Final Cut for putting the edit together, there is nothing stopping indie filmmakers from making terrific films! 

Writer/Director/Editor/Audio/Producer: David Simpson 

Production Designer/Editing Assistant/Audio: Jenny Simpson 

Visual Effects: Michael Eng 

Talent: Madison Smith (Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural), Bridget Graham (Pixels, Manhattan Undying, Hemlock Grove).

Music: Ivan Torrent 

Camera Assistant: Sanha Cho

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