Pluralsight, previously named Digital-Tutors, recently released a new course for game developers and game artists on how to begin working with Autodesk's new 3D game engine Stingray. Accessible to all through a free demo account on the Pluralsight Creative website, viewers will learn all the core features for quickly building playable levels.

The course begins by covering the new interface and how to navigate the viewport, before moving on to importing assets and managing them with live updates in Maya, Maya LT and 3ds Max. The training then ramps up the action with instruction on how to set up a character with animations. This will also give viewers a taste of how Stingray's visual scripting editor, Flow, can allow users to create gameplay very quickly. View the full training details to see all of the topics and techniques covered.

The recently launched Stingray is a new 3D game engine that enables advanced and novice game makers to create visually stunning games. It can also be used as a real-time rendering engine that helps design or architecture professionals better visualize their projects and present their ideas to clients. Stingray is integrated with 3ds Max, Maya, and Maya LT software.

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