Let’s go way back. Where were your born and raised? Where are you now? What sparked your interest in digital art? 

I was born in Poland. I grew up in Piekary ?l?skie, I live there to this day. It is a small town in Silesia, near Katowice in the south of the country. I've always been a fan of computer effects in films and computer games. Computer Graphics are breaking the limits of imagination.

Temple by Jakub Skop

Please describe what you do. 

It may be surprising, but I'm working as an engineer. I've always wanted to work as a concept artist. It is still my dream and I hope that I will fulfill it in the nearest future. 

Sweet Home by Jakub Skop

What’s the most important tool you use?

My basic tool is Photoshop. My work is a combination of photos and digital painting. Next year I would like to add some 3D elements to my work. 

Wreck by Jakub Skop

What movie and/or game from the past do you wish you had worked on and why?

The closest to my heart are fantasy landscapes. I’m a big fan of The Lord of the Rings scenery.
Factory by Jakub Skop

What do you like to do away from the computer?

Every free moment I try to stay active. I'm a big fan of basketball since my childhood. Additionally I run and walk in the mountains. Before I reach 30 years old, I would like to finish an Ultramarathon. Recently survival racing and calisthenics fascinate me. I hope that sports will be with me all my life.

Space by Jakub Skop

Can you tell us a little about your art?  For example Space (above).

Each project is different. Sometimes I do sketches, other times I use a photo as the base. In both cases, the most important for me is a coherent composition and interesting atmosphere. My work “Space” was made for Desktopography. It's a yearly wallpapers exhibition.  

Thanks Jakub!