Side Effects Software launches Houdini Apprentice

Side Effects Software has announced the launch of the Houdini Apprentice Program, which includes the Houdini Apprentice Edition, a free version of the latest Houdini family of products.

Apprentice users can run the complete family of products which includes Houdini Master, a full-featured animation and effects package, Houdini Select, an entry-level 3D module, and Houdini Halo, a stand-alone compositor. Houdini Apprentice Edition is a 2-CD set.

The first "Install" CD contains the software and the second "Learn" CD is loaded with valuable self-study training resources to help artists get up to speed with Houdini.

The Houdini Apprentice Edition will be available for the first time to all attendees of the Houdini Annual Meeting during SIGGRAPH in San Antonio, TX. The meeting will take place on July 21, 2002 at 4:00PM. Event details and required registration are available on-line.

Unlike other software trial versions, Houdini Apprentice Edition offers access to the complete, full-featured versions of the Houdini family of 3D software. Work created in the application can be saved to a special Houdini Apprentice format so that artists can develop real projects with this free trial version of the software. For customers choosing to purchase any commercial version of Houdini after building projects in Apprentice, Side Effects Software will conduct a one-time conversion of Houdini Apprentice files into the standard Houdini production format at no additional cost. This conversion offer will be available to licensed users until December 15th, 2002.

Side Effects Software