NVArt 4 Surreal Winners

  • In this, the fourth NVArt competition, artists were invited to recreate their most imaginative fantasies in the style of master surrealist, Jacek Yerka. They did so in good measure, with 400 entries sent in from 65 countries. In an age where virtuality meets reality the surreal has become real.

    “When we set the topic for this, the fourth, NVArt competition we were not sure we had done the right thing. We worried that it may have been too confining in its requirement for entrants to create surreal art in the style of Jacek Yerka, a living master of the genre.

    We were wrong – this competition has generated some of the most outstanding art we have seen and some of the most passionate endorsements from entrants. One entrant was so moved that they put pen to paper and sent us an old fashioned written letter praising the topic and saying that it had been a fantastic learning experience which we should repeat!"
    – Mark Snoswell.
    CGSociety brought together an impressive bunch of industry luminaries to judge the many entries. Each judge voted and gave their appraisal, some comments are included here for all to see.

    In the panel, we had Shelley Page, Head of International Outreach, Dreamworks; Lorne Lanning, Co Founder/President/Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants; Tim Borgmann, 3D Artist/ Concept Artist; Staszek Marek, Freelance 3D artist and winner of NVArt2: Art Space; Heiko Klug, Digital Media Designer and winner of NVArt3: Design Fusion; Pascal Blanche, Concept Artist/Art Director and 3D Artist, Ubisoft; David Wright, Creative Director, NVIDIA; and Mark Snoswell, President, The CGSociety.

    Visit the Judges page on the NVArt Surreal website »

    Gediminas Pranckevicius (imperioli)

    Vilnius, LITHUANIA.
    Graphics card used: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+.

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    » Gediminas Pranckevicius' CGPortfolio

    "I am very happy and thankful for this incredible Easter present I have received from you! But as the competition was coming to an end I realized that again I hadn’t managed to find the TIME to create something new. I locked myself alone at home, turned off the phone and worked almost three days without any sleep. Which clearly represents my mood during its creation."
    - Gediminas Pranckevicius.

    Judges Comments:
    Lorne Lanning:
    “This work embodied the very heart of the competition. Inspired by and remained true to the theme, yet the artist has taken their effort further into an area of mystery thru simplicity. A beautiful work that leaves the viewer with endless possibilities that lie past our initial, surreal impression.”

    Tim Borgmann:
    “What I like most here is the great color and mood of the water. It works very well because of the contrast to the 'warm' wood parts on the right side. Also the composition is very good balanced. But it's definitely the water that attracts my eyes most. Everytime I look at the image and look at all the small details my eyes are switching back to the water and wandering off in it's calm deepness."

    Gediminas wins US$10,000 cash plus 2 NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 4GB - 240 CUDA Processors.

    "A few years ago I first saw Yerka's paintings and I was just enchanted. It was like going back to my childhood and looking at the world in a way that lets us see a whole new fantastic place in any casual thing. Yerka has unusual ability to depict Polish accents and landscapes that are about to become extinct and that wake remnants of memories and lost feelings. I'm very happy and proud that my efforts have been appreciated."
    - Marcin Jakubowski.

    Judges Comments:
    David Wright
    ‘I simply like the balance of color, detail contrast and the actual thought behind it. The symbolism that I read from this is very interesting for me and this one is the one that I spend the most time looking.'

    Marcin wins US$2000 cash + 2 NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB - 128 CUDA Processor.

    Marcin Jakubowski (balloontree)

    Gdansk, POLAND.
    'A hunger after a thousand year nap'
    Graphics card used: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT.

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    Petar Petrov (virtualchild)

    Sofia, BULGARIA.
    Graphics card used: NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600 M.

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    "This challenge was an opportunity for me to look back through my childhood and find beautiful memories that stand engraved in my memory and in my entry. The image represents the moments in my childhood when I was helping to my parents with the work and when I was dreaming about flying. Thank you for the awarded prize. It means a lot for me."
    - Petar Petrov.

    Judges Comments:
    David Wright:
    'I like the meaning behind this one and also all the focal points, I spend lots of time looking at this one. I like the scale play done. Not sure if the artist wanted to suggest that these buckets are also old glasses, but that is what I read.'

    Stanislaw Marek:
    'I like this mysterious and calm atmosphere. Artist's imagination essentially and technically presents another world in amazing style.'

    Petar wins US$1000 cash + 1 NVIDIA Quadro CX 1.5GB - 192 CUDA Processors.

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  • "I'm very happy with my placing in this competition as the quality of many of the other entries was extremely high. All in all I found it quite a tough challenge. I've never tried painting surrealist scenes before, so that was a first, but I think the hardest bit was trying to emulate the style of another artist, especially one as distinctive as Jacek Yerka. Thanks to all involved in setting up and judging the competition."
    - Simon Dominic.

    Judges Comments:
    Stanislaw Marek:
    'I love the dynamic form and color palette. The terrain and various buildings are twisted like ribbon swaying by wind. Overall shape attracted me in the first place. Clouds, smoke and industrial setting are in great contrast with beautiful area. The artist paid a lot of attention to the details carrying composition at the same time. Interesting idea with great technique make this image amazing artwork.'

    Simon wins a NVIDIA Quadro CX 1.5GB - 192 CUDA Processors.

    Simon Dominic (BaronImpossible)

    Lancaster, GREAT BRITAIN.
    Graphics card used: Radeon X800 256Mb

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    Perry Edwards (PerryE)

    Dayton, OH, USA.
    'Lost in a Good Book'
    Graphics card used: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

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    "I create most of my work at night after teaching 3D, photography, and Photoshop to art students during the day. I love to read and chose to focus on that for this contest entry. Matching Yerka's style in a 3D program was fun and very challenging. I used just about every program on my computer for this entry.

    Modeling & rendering was done in Cinema 4D. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Vue were used for preparing materials and post work was done in Photoshop and Akvis Artwork. There were so many incredible entries that I'm very honored to be chosen as one of the winners."

    - Perry Edwards.

    Judges Comments:
    David Wright:
    I love the balance done here. It also very calm. Everything has a meaning and a reason to be there and I can't figure out what to change if anything.

    Stanislaw Marek.
    The colors of earth creates a warm atmosphere in classic old style. View behind the' window' and falling book pages encourages the spectator to the time/fantasy journey. The whole idea reminds me a little bit of a 'lost world'.

    Perry wins a NVIDIA Quadro CX 1.5GB - 192 CUDA Processors.

    Dana Daukstra (inky2) of Riga, LATVIA
    'Spring village'
    » Forum thread
    » inky2's CGPortfolio
    Darin Hilton (dhilton) of Marina del Rey, USA
    'City of God'
    » Forum thread
    » dhilton's CGPortfolio
    Heri Irawan (Irawan) of Vienna, AUSTRIA
    'The octopus world'
    » Forum thread
    » Irawan's CGPortfolio
    Ludek Hroch (navylete) of Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
    'Comfortable harbour'
    » Forum thread
    » navylete's CGPortfolio
    Sergey Kolesov (PELENG) of Ivanovo, RUSSIA
    'Making clouds'
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