MAXON Announces Cinema 4D R8

Recognizing that not everyone needs to use every part of a high-end 3D animation system, Release 8 of CINEMA 4D will be a modular system that will enable users to custom-build an application that closely fits their individual needs and budgets. The new modular system starts with a low-cost entry package, CINEMA 4D R8, with the option to expand production capabilities with additional modules that enhance specific areas of 3D workflow.

Initially, seven extra modules will be available: Advanced Render, Thinking Particles, PyroCluster, MOCCA, Net Render, Dynamics and BodyPaint 3D. All will be available separately or as part of two special packages, the XL and STUDIO bundles.

All areas of CINEMA 4D have been enhanced: modeling, animation, rendering and workflow. Most notable among the new features is the MOCCA module, an innovative approach to character animation which introduces cutting-edge technology such as Soft IK. This feature alone allows realistic character movement and automated secondary motion of things like sagging skin and lazy limbs.

Powerful F-Curves provide total control over time and space in a way that makes the accurate control of movement and timings easier than ever before.

Thinking Particles, the new event-based particle system uses built-in intelligence to help you create big-screen visual effects of the highest quality that will immerse the audience in the action.

Complex expressions give precise control over anything that moves or changes depending on other objects or events; no maths, no programming, CINEMA 4D's XPresso and set driver/set driven features offer you an intuitive point-and-click interface.

Already acclaimed as featuring the best workflow of any 3D tool, the redesigned, streamlined GUI will help you to learn quickly and work more efficiently. Faster all round, users will in particular notice a 2-3 times interface speed improvement and much improved OpenGL support.

Rendering has been improved yet again. Not only is it up to 30% faster, but output quality and options have been further enhanced by additions such as accurate depth of field simulation and 2D Flash export for optimized web animation.

Scheduled to ship in the fall of 2002, CINEMA 4D R8 starts at $ 595. For more price information please refer to the price list. Anyone who purchases a full retail license of CINEMA 4D R7 between now and the shipping date will be eligible for a free upgrade to the corresponding edition of R8.

MAXON Cinema 4D R8