THU/2014, the digital artists’ conference and exhibition – Version 3.0


Version 3.0 of the digital art conference: Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) will take place at the Troia Design Hotel in Troia, Portugal, on 17-20 September 2014.


"The Trojan Horse was a Unicorn was not only a triumphant success, but proof that few can create an army if the right motivation and support is given,” said Hollywood Digital Artist and Concept Artist Dan Luvisi about THU/2013. “[THU] has not only inspired hundreds, but introduced many to new artists, worlds, art and more… I can't wait to see where they take it next."


THU/2014 in Troia, Portugal, chooses to acknowledge the problems that face today’s artists. Rather than attempting to fill the same-old shoes of other conferences, it’s instead a high-powered celebration, crafted from an artist’s perspective and without the drive of commercial gain. While in-keeping with some digital art conference traditions THU offers the secrets of the industry’s hottest players while spreading the word on production-changing pipelines, the biggest difference is that all this essential art education is wrapped up in a four-day party that inspires, comforts and enlightens.


“THU is like Burning Man meets TED – a global gathering of the world’s new generation of digital creators,” said Scott Ross, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Digital Domain, Inc., one of the largest digital production studios in the motion picture and advertising industries. “THU is an everyday party – it’s a new format; it’s the new version of what a conference should be. Version 3.0.” THU/2014 is a resurgence of all that was great about conferences in the 90s - a time before the software giants bought out their biggest competition – hosted on ships, in Hollywood nightclubs, and rooftop bars.


It’s not all parties and fun, though – although that’s certainly a big part of THU. What’s at the core of the event is pure and simply Art; it’s what brings everyone together, from all walks of life, every background, and more than 30 countries around the world. THU not only aims high with this, but it shoots for the top – its speaker panel, workshop sessions and mentor list is enough to threaten the most successful industry event. And it has soul, too. You won’t find rooms laden with product booths and sales reps; neither will they be structured by adjoining tables that rigidly build up a lifeless floor plan. THU is open and organic; it breathes, and it’s spurred by the energy of its attendees, offering them the time of their life for four unique days of art, sun, sea, and beer, that will change the way they see their artistic practice, and perhaps even their lives.


“For the ultimate in creativity, inspiration, and learning, I would look no further than attending THU in Portugal,” said Afonso Salcedo, ex-Pixar Lighting Artist. “You will learn more about yourself and your work at THU than anywhere else you could possibly imagine."


While some of the greatest legends in the film, animation and games industries reveal the latest digital art techniques and showcase their most prized secrets and groundbreaking tricks, there will also be traditional art masters alongside them – sculptors and painters practicing their crafts amidst the bustle of the festival at the Troia Design Hotel, a grand and contemporary five-star resort. Because the location of THU is no accident: the pin in the map on the peninsula of Troia makes for a celebration of all that is new and hopeful in an old world steeped in culture and art history.


“We’re proud that THU can offer artists a chance to enjoy not just art education, but to feel a positive attitude as a result of this festival that can literally change people’s lives,” says THU Founder, Andre Luis. “Last year, hundreds of young artists flocked to Troia in Portugal, and this year there will be hundreds more. THU is now truly international.”




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