Alias|Wavefront Launches Maya 4.5

At Macworld today, Alias|Wavefront announced Maya 4.5. This new release is being publicly demonstrated at the Macworld Expo in New York. The release is also the first one to synchronize Maya for Mac OS X with the Windows, Linux and SGI versions as previous incarnations were always one version behind.

Current Maya for Mac OS X users will benefit from a substantial number of feature additions and enhancements — including powerful new modeling tools, integrated 3D Paint, multi-processor support for rendering and numerous UI and workflow enhancements. Maya Complete was recently repriced at USD $1,999. Maya 4.5 is expected to ship by the end of September 2002.

Maya is available through the Alias|Wavefront network of authorized resellers or may be purchased online at: Version upgrades for Maya on Mac OS X are priced at $699.

Maya 4.5 for Mac OS X