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Zygote delivers new 3DHeart

Tue 14th Feb 2006 | News

Zygote Media Group, Inc. announces the availability of the Zygote Human Heart 3, on Valentine's Day, the day of the hearts. The Zygote heart is the only known animated 3D heart model available for licensing in the world.

New detail from MRI and CT data make the imagery as close to the real thing as anything existing on the market today. Zygote Human Heart 3 makes it easy for graphics designers, scientists and animators to visualize the human heart, from exteriors and cut views of the interior to an accurate animation of the cardiac cycle. “Zygote Human Heart 3 is a breakthrough product. Not only is it the greatest heart 3D model ever, it is one of those once-in-a-generation products that redefines its category,” said Bryan Brandenburg, CEO of Zygote Media Group. “This is the first and only animated 3D heart model ever to be derived from high resolution MRI and CT data and available for licensing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this animation is worth millions.”

The Zygote Human Heart 3 offers customers more MRI/CT human heart detail with a reduced polygon count, and a full human heart cardiac cycle that includes cutaway interior views. Two high-resolution photorealistic exterior texture maps for both a lean and fatty heart derived from human heart digital photos. There is support for most major 3D applications including Maya, 3D Max, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Softimage, Shade and Generic OBJ.

Almost any view of the human heart can be visualized, including human heart diagrams, heart anatomy pictures, and accurate human heart animations. The virtual heart model features cuts so not only is the interior viewable at great detail, but is also revealed while animating the cardiac cycle.

The Zygote Human Heart 3 costs US$1,200. But from now until March 15, there is an introductory discount of 30%. Students, educators and educational institutes receive an additional 30% off as part of’s educational discount program. Texture maps, cuts and animation files can be purchased separately. Other heart models are also available including the standard heart for US$99 and a solid heart model for design and engineering at US$2,500.

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