ZBrush 1.5 gets ready for primetime

Mon 15th Jul 2002 | News

The images and artwork from the beta program has begun circulating on various forums over the Web. Pixologic's ZBrush 1.5 is set to be a winner. Pixologic will be unveiling the new version of ZBrush at the MacWorld Expo 2002 in New York and SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio, Texas.

ZBrush is a unique program that allows you to create your imagery with 2D and 3D painting, texturing and modeling tools. ZBrush version 1.5 will introduce new innovative tools and enhancements in nearly every facet and feature. Of interest is the new ZSphere tool that allows you to intuitively model the 3D outline of a character using spheres and generating a mesh automatically from this. The mesh can subsequently be exported to a 3D software for further manipulation, rigging and animation.

The current version of ZBrush, version 1.23b is available now. Users can purchase it for $292.50 and will receive a full upgrade to version 1.5 free of charge. Following its unveiling this month, ZBrush will retail for $399.

Pixologic ZBrush

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