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Xrayunwrap has been released for Autodesk Maya. Raylight Games claim there tool is the “real single click solution to speed up your work pipeline in the creation of UV mapping.”


No more different windows, hundred of options and settings, and the ability to create your UVs without switching to external  software, thereby accelerating your workflow. Now all you need is offered in a single window. XrayUnwrap introduces to Maya: the Live Unwrap - just select your edges and see the results real-time.


User Interface


Edit Seams: if enabled automatic add when edges are selected to seams.


Remove Seam: Remove selected edges from seams.


Add To Seam: Add selected edges to seams.


Toggle Peel Seams: hides or shows the seams.


Angle Based / Conformal: these are the two processes used by XRayUnwrap for the automated unwrapping. The process needs to be selected according to the structure of the meshes. Generally Angle Based works better with Soft Surfaces, while Conformal works better with Hard Surfaces.


Fill holes: prevents internal overlaps.


Bleed: Bleed is very useful to manage the border space between different isles and better optimize the Packing process. Bleed can be used also with the Live option on, to check the best result realtime.


Pack Uvs: allows to arrange isles to maximize the number of pixels per polygon on a texture. This tool is very useful to arrange isles of different models on a single texture.


Live Unwrap: this is the real goody of XRayUnwrap. This useful tool allows to check results of the unwrap realtime, while tracing the seams. This algorithm computes the cut over the mesh allowing to check if the unwrap opens in the right way.


Unwrap: starts the computation.


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