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Smarter AI coming to Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation4 Games via xaitment.

The massive technological leap in Sony Computer Entertainment’s recently announced computer entertainment system will enable developers to create smarter characters and games with xaitment’s AI tools.

xaitment are the creators of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software for software title and simulation developers. They have just announced that it is supporting PlayStation4 (PS4) by Sony Computer Entertainment. Developers working on PS4 games can immediately start using xaitment’s AI middleware solution, xaitControl, to create smarter game characters – characters that move more intelligently, make more logical decisions, and are therefore far more fun to play against.




The architecture of PS4 will greatly enhance the AI that developers can include in their games. Due to the out-of-order architecture of the main processor, PS4 takes advantage of the 'decision logic' used in xaitControl.  Also the combination of the eight x86-64 cores and the 8GB of unified high-speed system memory allows for an emphasis on character behaviors and lifelike environments with virtually no limits. These enhanced capabilities will allow game designers and programmers to create even 'smarter characters' with far more defined group or individual behaviors.




“We are naturally ecstatic that Sony Computer Entertainment has announced PS4. It represents such a massive leap in technology, which will have a huge effect on every aspect of a game, including AI,” said the CEO of xaitment, Mike Walsh. “No longer will developers need to make hard decisions about whether to increase graphic fidelity or add in more AI. With PS4, games can now have outstanding graphics and more lifelike AI, which in turn will only drive up the realism of the gaming experience.”




xaitment’s products provide developers with lightweight runtime libraries and intuitive graphical interfaces that allows engineers and designers to more easily and efficiently model character behaviors and game logic. xaitment also offers plug-ins for Unity 3D that are available via its webstore for Windows, iOS, Android and Unity’s Web Player.



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