• Weta to Commercialize Massive
    Leonard Teo, 25 July 2002


    For Peter Jackson's rendition of the "Lord of the Rings", Weta Digital in New Zealand developed a custom crowd simulation tool for handling the hundreds of thousands of digital soldiers battling. Entitled "Massive" (because the scenes were simply gargantuan), the software employed revolutionary methods of crowd simulation and artificial intelligence. Soldiers could be randomized based on a set of parameters so that no two soldiers are the same; soldiers fight based on their field of vision just like in real life; as the battle rages on, armor and clothing get dirtier and blood-stained.

    Seeming to follow a trend of commercializing proprietary production tools, a company "Massive, Ltd" has been incorporated to sell Massive to other studios for production. The product is being shown publicly for the first time at SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio, Texas and more information about the release is to be available shortly.

    Massive Software
    Weta Digital

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