Wacom unveils Cintiq 21UX

Tue 15th Feb 2005 | News

Wacom has announced its Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display that allows users to work with a pen directly on a 21.3-inch color-accurate LCD. The Cintiq 21UX combines the advantages of a professional quality LCD display with the control and productivity of Wacom's patented cordless, battery-free tablet technology. The 21.3-inch display features UXGA resolution (1,600 x 1,200-pixel), a 170-degree viewing angle, anti-glare and hard texture coatings, 24-bit color with ICC color profile, a 400:1 contrast ratio, and 250cd/m2 brightness. The Cintiq 21UX is native to both Windows and Mac systems.

The tablet technology provides 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, 5,080 lines-per-inch resolution, and pen tilt sensitivity. The Cintiq 21UX stand can be rotated 180 degrees in either direction and tilted to any angle between 10 and 65 degrees. At a retail price of US$2,499, the Cintiq 21UX will begin shipping in March, but customers can register at www.cintiq.com now to be at the head of the line for units.

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