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Fri 31st Aug 2012 | News

Di-O-Matic speaks up with Voice-O-Matic v2 Maya Edition.

Di-O-Matic has launched Voice-O-Matic v2 (Maya Edition) after hearing the call from animators. Spending hours manually generating every single lip movement can be a long and tedious task. Once integrated with Autodesk Maya, Voice-O-Matic only requires an audio file to automatically produce accurate lip synch animations in minutes instead of hours! The results can later easily be tweaked to match any style of animation perfectly.


“There is absolutely no way we could've animated the thousands of lines of dialog on our tight production schedule while still maintaining a high level of quality without Voice-O-Matic. I recommend Voice-O-Matic to anyone trying to animate lipsync in a quick, easy and quality fashion.  It's artist friendly and best of all, it actually works!” says senior animator Abel Salazar.



Voice-O-Matic works with any type of character setup and with virtually any language. Voice-O-Matic has already earned its stripes with its use in leading feature films, popular television shows, commercials and award winning video games. 

Voice-O-Matic key features:

● Complete phonetic recognition in virtually any languages

● Create clean animation curves and regular keyframes on any rig

● Improved lip-sync accuracy

● Presets mechanism with multiple quality settings

● Compatible with Maya 7 to 2013 (32bit and 64bit)

● PRO version of Voice-O-Matic now available

● New PRO version includes Batch processing and enhanced MEL Scripting now available for



If your next project involves any character dialogs, Voice-O-Matic Pro allows you to automatically process an unlimited amount of audio files using batch processing tools. Including Voice-O-Matic Pro in your pipeline could easily save you hundreds of working hours. Voice-O-Matic (Maya Edition) is compatible with Maya 7 to Maya 2013, and is available for Windows only.



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