• SIGGRAPH 2002 was held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

    From left: Tito A. Belgrave (Director of Community Development), Luis Hernandez and Ali Tezel (Creative Editor).

    The entrance to the Convention Center.

    View of the foyer area.

    List of exhibitors and sponsors. This year's SIGGRAPH was a bit smaller than previous years.

    Jay Redd, VFX Supervisor for Sony Picture Imageworks speaking at the Stuart Little 2 presentation.
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  • From left: Ali Tezel, Jeff Mottle (CG Architect), Alex Morris (Hayes Davidson) and Tito A. Belgrave.

    The Discreet launch of 3ds max 5 and character studio 4.

    From left: Chris Thomas (Mill TV) and Alex Morris (Hayes Davidson).

    From left: Tito A. Belgrave, Luis Hernandez and Ali Tezel interviewing Jay Redd, Sony Picture Imageworks VFX Supervisor for Stuart Little 2.

    Part of the Stuart Little 2 team from Sony Picture Imageworks at SIGGRAPH.

    Jay Redd critiques Tito's "Kar" character.
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  • Alias|Wavefront was showing Maya 4.5.

    Discreet's"tanning booth" was center to showing 3ds max 5, character studio 4 and the new line of Inferno, Flame and Flint uber-highend compositing systems.

    Pixologic ZBrush 1.5 was said to be the most exciting and revolutionary product on the SIGGRAPH showfloor.

    The good folk at Industrial Light and Magic showing highlights from Star Wars Episode II.

    was showing Lightwave 7.5.

    Softimage was hailing the forthcoming release of XSI 3.0.
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