Virtual Artworks and ART VPS Help Visualize The Future For TTPCom

Fri 4th Oct 2002 | News

3D virtual photography solutions from ART VPS have helped TTPCom to visualize their future - creating computer generated images of their future home - the new TTPCom plc headquarters building currently undergoing construction at Melbourn Science Park, near Cambridge. Virtual Artworks, one of Europe's leading architectural visualization services companies, created the images of the building using ART VPS's RenderDrive product.

London-based Michael Aukett Architects, who designed the new building, engaged Virtual Artworks to create images that would showcase how the stunning glass-fronted building would look. The building is set immediately behind a man-made lake designed to create an amazing impression as the lake and glass building reflect each other. To portray this effect accurately, Virtual Artworks relied on RenderDrive‚s physically based 3D visualization to accurately simulate the reflected light and the material properties of water and glass.

The 3D visualization solutions developed by ART VPS calculate an image by simulating the physical properties of the real world, including lighting, shadows, materials, and the camera used to "take" the photograph. Using other 3D rendering tools this calculation process is very time-consuming, but technology developed by ART VPS enables their products to uniquely accelerate these physically based visualization calculations - meaning images such as the ones created for TTPCom can be calculated in minutes rather than hours.

Construction of the TTPCom building, managed by Exterior International plc, is well underway. However, until the building work is complete, one of the images created by Virtual Artworks is mounted at the front of the construction site showcasing the headquarters building as it will eventually appear.

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