• NewTek's Video Toaster [2] Offers Seamless Integration with eyeon's Digital Fusion
    Leonard Teo, 22 August 2002

    NewTek and eyeon software announced that NewTek's Video Toaster [2] now operates transparently with eyeon's Digital Fusion 3.1 and their latest release, Digital Fusion 4 (DF4). Video Toaster [2] is a dual-standard NTSC/PAL Studio-in-a-Box, which provides uncompressed capture, editing, video paint, 3D animation, keying and live switching, on the Windows 2000 platform. DF4 is a fully integrated, non-linear compositing and special effects post-production system for finishing, designing and effects creation used in feature films, HDTV, broadcast video, web-based and multimedia projects and more.

    DF4 expertly combines an incredible toolset with benchmark speed, bringing previously expensive high-end capabilities at an affordable price to the already cost-effective Video Toaster [2]. LightWave 3D and other CG animators can now enjoy uncompressed compositing of their work with component or SDI video using the Video Toaster's uncompressed file format. Digital Fusion takes full advantage of Video Toaster's real-time hardware framebuffer, allowing all work to be viewed on NTSC or PAL broadcast monitors.

    Digital Fusion has made several dramatic improvements, including:

    • Unlimited floating display views
    • Independent color LUT's for each view
    • New RAM caching and cluster rendering for interactive real-time playback
    • Split screen interface
    • Floating point color processing
    • Advanced 3D Particle Suite
    • Powerful command line scripting

    Video Toaster [2] is a complete editing and production suite including:

    • Video Toaster PCI capture card
    • Aura Video Paint [2.5] painting, 2D animation and compositing
    • LightWave 3D Express for 3D modeling, animation and rendering
    • ToasterEdit for rapid online creation of PAL or NTSC videos
    • Live Switching of 8 component or up to 24 composite inputs with SX-8 option
    • Real-time keying of live or captured footage
    • ToasterScope software-based waveform monitor/vectorscope

    Pricing and Availability
    Manufacturer's list pricing for Digital Fusion 4 is $4,995US full version and $495.00US for DF 4 upgrade from DF 3.1. Price for upgrades to DF 4 from DFX+ vary depending on module configuration. Digital Fusion 4 is expected to ship at IBC, September 2002.

    Video Toaster [2] is available now for a suggested retail price of $2995.00US, SX-8 option is available now for a suggested retail price or $1995US, through NewTek's channel of authorized resellers and distributors worldwide.

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