Video Toaster [2] integrates with 3ds max

Thu 14th Nov 2002 | News

Newtek, who are most famous for Lightwave 3D and the Video Toaster, have made a surprise announcement that the Video Toaster [2] now has a suite of plug-ins that allow tight integration between the Toaster and Discreet 3ds max - one of Lightwave's major competitors.

"We're extremely pleased to have worked with Digimation to make Video Toaster's broad production toolset available to 3ds max users," said Andrew Cross, NewTek's senior vice president of engineering. "Video Toaster [2] offers animators an affordable solution for taking on any level of production work. Toaster's production tools provide the best quality output, immediate feedback for the artist on what the shot will look like at broadcast time, and quick assembly of shots to see how they work in the final sequence. And 3ds max users who composite with Combustion will welcome Video Toaster's fast framebuffer performance that makes working on layered efffects interactive in real time."

Video Toaster [2] MSRP is $2995.00US, available now through Digimation at, and other NewTek resellers at

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