Vicon Releases Vicon iQ

Sat 9th Nov 2002 | News

Vicon, the ubiquitous motion capture systems developer has announced Vicon iQ, a unified software solution that allows users to streamline th mocap workflow and achieve extreme accuracy when tracking complex interaction between characters. Vicon iQ works through a set of intelligence-based automation tools so that users no longer have to manually edit mocap data for multiple-character capture scenarios.

With its advanced kinematic model builder, graphical marker set editor, graph-based motion editing functions and export direct to applications like Kaydara MotionBuilder and Alias|Wavefront Maya, Vicon iQ encompasses capabilities from capture through to labeling, gap filling and even fitting skeletons biomechanically to the captured data. The application also includes wide-ranging features for quality assurance, with the software informing the user every step of the way as changes are made to captured data. A full suite of automated editing tools, as well as manual editing tools, provides users with additional flexibility and access.

Optimized to operate in conjunction with Vicon's 8i systems and MCAM-series cameras, the Vicon iQ product line currently encompasses a number of modes, including data management, real-time previsualization, post processing, batch processing and modeling, that can be configured to suit different user and market needs. Vicon iQ Studio, for example, is a powerful package offering all four modes, while Vicon iQ Edit is optimized for data management, post processing and modeling only. The Vicon iQ product line is available directly from Vicon or from the company's direct resellers.

Vicon Motion Systems

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