Val Kilmer and Eric Idle Join Voice Cast for Animated Adventure 'Delgo'

Thu 17th Apr 2003 | News

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Critically acclaimed actor Val Kilmer and actor/comedian Eric Idle have joined Oscar Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan in voicing characters for the animated adventure “Delgo,” the first independently produced computer-animated feature in the U.S.

“Delgo,” a fantasy adventure film, is the first theatrical production by Atlanta-based Fathom Studios. The film is set in a divided land where a troubled youth and some unlikely friends must save the world from itself.

Kilmer (The Doors, Tombstone) is voicing Bogardus, a fearless and cocky street-smart soldier. “Val Kilmer is an exceptional actor in every respect,” said Marc F. Adler, producer and co-director. “We were all extremely impressed with his performance as Bogardus; his talent and charisma are unparalleled.

Comedian and cult icon, Eric Idle (Monty Python) is voicing Spig, a bumbling, pompous—yet dimwitted—imp who, in his futile attempts at sounding intelligent, exposes his idiocy with outrageous verbal blunders. “We cannot imagine a better actor to bring Spig to life than Eric Idle,” said Adler. “His uncanny wit and comedic timing made him our first and only choice for the role.”

Fathom Studios also recently announced that Michael Clarke Duncan (Daredevil, The Green Mile) is voicing Elder Marley, a mystical Stonesage master and the mentor to Delgo, a brash teenager who is haunted by his past.

“Delgo” has already created a strong following largely due to the Digital Dailies, a message board on the movie’s Web site ( where the studios’ production teams post selected works-in-progress, allowing fans to follow artist collaboration and watch the creation of the film as it happens.

Val Kilmer will next be seen starring as John Holmes in Lions Gate Films’ “Wonderland” for director, James Cox. Also upcoming for Kilmer are “Mindhunters” and “Blind Horizon” with Sam Shepard. He is currently in production on David Mamet’s “Spartan” and has just completed an appearance in Ron Howard’s “The Missing." Eric Idle appears in The Scream Team for Disney TV, Ella Enchanted for Miramax, has a cameo in Two Cops with Harrison Ford. He recently released a comedy album entitled "The Rutland Isles" through Artist Direct and BMG.

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