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1 August 2012

The winners of the V-Ray Anniversary Challenge: 'A Decisive Moment' Challenge are announced.

“The decisive moment, it is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as the precise organization of forms which gives that event its proper expression.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

A decisive moment is the split second when everything changes. It could be an instant from history that altered everything on Earth. Or a pivotal point in time that changed you personally. Perhaps the decisive moment is when the CG artist learns they have won a prize in the V-Ray Tenth Anniversary Challenge….


CGSociety would like to thank the many, many artists who entered the V-Ray 'Decisive Moment' Challenge, Chaos Group and the other sponsors that have contributed to the prizes, making this Challenge such a success. Also, thank you to the judges: Daniel Buck, Gus Capote, Jeff Mottle, Lon Grohs, Paul Hellard, Scott Metzger and Rob Nederhorst.

The First prize winner Darko Vucenik (DarkoV) from CROATIA.

"This is the moment Mister Jonson realised how dangerous drunk driving can be. Is this his last moment in this world? Did he fasten his seat belt? Is his buddy Death here to just party or is he here on business? All these questions will be answered in this decisive moment."

Artist comments :
"When this competition came along, it looked as it was tailor-made for me since I just recently started to learn V-Ray. An opportunity to push my rendering and modeling skills to a new level. I selected a grim subject of drunk driving, something seen too often in the evening news, as it seemed a good match for both the competition topic and my preferred cartoony style with dark humor. Like most things that pose new challenges, working on this piece was a blast. CGSociety is so choke full of kick ass digital artists that wining the challenge in such company gives me a very special warm and fuzzy feeling. Many thanks to organisers and sponsors and congratulations to Gregory and Toni."

Judges' comments
This is my pick of the litter, no question. I think this render is all around the best, and has nice style. I figured Death for a cheap vodka type of guy, but classing it up with a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold, awesome! :-D Nice lighting, rendering, and composition. I think if I were to request a visual change, I would request that the camera-left headlight still be turned on! If I could request a rendering aspect change, I would try a touch of motion blur!" - Daniel Buck

Top points for that frozen moment in time during a car crash. The regret, the helpless tumble. Holding to the story, the driver just sits watching everything around him disintegrate. Renders of the reflections, lighting, colors and waterworks are brilliant." - Paul Hellard

"To me this was the clear winner. Technically I thought this one was very well done with a fantastic composition and story. Just has so much going on you can really get sucked into the image. The movement is great. Also, I only need to know the title of the competition and see the image and I instantly get it. Checked all the boxes in my book for sure." - Jeff Mottle

"The attention to detail on this is great; I particularly like the water on the windshield. Again, technically, and compositionally, this one stands out." - Lon Grohs

DarkoV's 'Decisive Moment' Challenge page.

Darko Vucenik wins a US$3,000 cash prize from Chaos Group; a 3DBOXX 3960 XTREME Workstation, with a NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla installed; US$5,000 of render credit from Fox Render Farm; a V-Ray license of his choice; a CGWorkshop from CGSociety; a copy of PDPlayer; a SpacePilot Pro from 3DConnexion; and a V-Ray Sweatshirt and T-Shirt from Chaos Group.


The Second prize winner is Gregory Kryuchenko (Gizoo) from UZBEKISTAN for 'Air Dream'.

Artist comments:
"Ignition, systems check, all systems are working properly, taxi to the runway, flaps in the take-off position, full throttle, brakes off, takeoff run and…"
"This is the first time when I set for myself the task to make work in cartoon style and this was some difficulty with which I have encountered. Also it was hard to find a free time for this work, I had to take a short leave to be in time to meet the deadline of the contest.
I was very interested and enjoyable to participate in this great contest, in such reputable community as the CGSociety. This is a great opportunity to test my strength and skills, and to compete with great CG artists from around the world. It’s always interesting and exciting.
I am very grateful to the sponsors and organizers for a great contest! Thank you very much!"

Judges' comments: "The intricate little model caravan and all the tiny detail included in this piece all seem to work together nicely. The extra snap is the DOF and that flat afternoon look which is so real." - Paul Hellard

"This one captures the spirit of the competition the best. It's well excited, well composed, and brings the viewer into the story." Lon Grohs

"Another very strong image and IMHO the only other one of the bunch that really speaks to the competition theme. Good composition, story, lighting and action. I like the integration of the boy which is rendered in a more illustrated technique whereas the scene was more photo real. They almost don’t look like they are from the same scene, but work together nicely." -  Jeff Mottle

"Is all about the Decisive moment, it has a nice composition, good lighting and great attention to details in my opinion, love the R2 Helmet and superman t-shirt as represent the inspiration for the jump, but most important for me is that the image has the perfect timing, does he land on his nose? manage to fly?" - Gustavo Capote

Gizoo's 'Decisive Moment' Challenge page:


Gregory Kryuchenko wins an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 Pro GPU card; a US$3,000 render credit from Fox Render Farm; a copy of MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime; V-Ray license of choice; a CGWorkshop from CGSociety; a copy of PDPlayer; a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Pro; a V-Ray Sweatshirt and T-shirt and three ‘Art of the Game’ books from Ballistic Publishing.

Third Prize in the 'Decisive Moment' V-Ray Challenge goes to Toni Bratincevic (InTerceptoV) in the USA.

Artist comments (coming):
"Seeing how my colleague (Laurent Pierlot) was developing his own piece I decided to make something cartoonish but with a more serious message. This is from a small sketch I did a couple of months ago about small, peaceful guys shooting colors (a metaphor for peace) towards an army with guns. The whole process took around four weeks to produce. I used a heavy depth-of-field to isolate the important subject and accentuate the miniature world. I used the Shademap feature in V-Ray, and a Stereoscopic modifier to get smooth and fast DOF directly in the render engine. So fire your guns, not the ones that kill but the ones that spread the idea of love and peace"

"Imagine all the people living life in peace"

Judges' comments:
"Great story, but it shows what happens right after the decisive moment to fire. I would've liked to see more tension. The composition is interesting, but it's hard to read the action. I would trade 20% from the left hand side for 20% more on the right hand side." - Lon Grohs

Toni Bratincevic's 'Decisive Moment' Challenge page:

Toni wins US$2,000 render credit from Fox Render Farm; a V-Ray license of choice; a CGWorkshop from CGSociety; a copy of PDPlayer; a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator; and a V-Ray Sweatshirt and T-shirt.

Honorary Mentions

'Peaceman' from Vienna AUSTRIA, for 'Glider King'.

Hao Aiqiang (metalcraer) who resides in the UNITED KINGDOM now, for his 'Twin Snake' image

Jon Baginski (Syndicate) from Melbourne AUSTRALIA, for Kill Devil Hills

Edgaras Mykolaitis (EGA45), also in the UNITED KINGDOM, for his 'Abu Dhabi Grand Prix'.





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