V-Ray 2.0 for Maya

Mon 2nd May 2011 | News

The official release of the renowned rendering engine V-Ray 2.0 for Maya, developed by Chaos Group, is finally out on the market starting April 29th. It comes with interactive rendering both on GPUs and CPUs. The Chaos Group have prepared a few videos highlighting some of the latest improvements in the new version, uploaded in our website and in the Chaos Group YouTube Channel, but here they are embedded in this news story.

Chaos Group is also gearing up for FMX 2011, an annual animation, effects, games, and interactive media conference in Stuttgart, Germany on May 3-6. The team plans to present V-Ray 2.0 for Maya and other developments with German reseller, Weltenbauer.

FMX 2011 coincides with the upcoming release of V-Ray 2.0 for Maya – now with interactive rendering on CPU and GPU – which will officially launch at the end of April. To demonstrate the plug-in’s new and enhanced features, Chaos Group will run whole day presentations at Weltenbauer’s booth, in addition to hosting two free scheduled workshops.

The first workshop, featuring both V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max and Maya, will take place on Tuesday, May 3rd at Raum Karlsruhe from 15.00-16.00h. Highlights of what attendees can expect at this workshop include:
•    RT - CPU/GPU - unprecedented speed and flexibility achieved with the V-Ray interactive rendering system
•    Car Paint Material - create stunning car paint shaders complete with base, flake and coat layers
•    Distance Texture - use procedurally generated textures to create a wide range of effects based on the distance between various objects in the scene
•    Multi-sub Texture – assign different textures based on object ID
•    Light Select Render Element – extract the contribution of each light to the scene, change their intensity in post-production and compose them back together
•    Stereoscopic Helper - quickly set up stereoscopic images and animations
•    Lens Analysis Utility - easily match the distortion of your real world and your virtual cameras
•    Lens effects - add a full range of bloom and glare effects

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