Unreal 4 engine

Fri 18th May 2012 | News

According to a Wired magazine article, Epic Games has previewed the Unreal 4 (UE4) game engine.

The previous Engine, the (wait for it) Unreal Engine 3, has become the ins try standard in some respects, powering a lot of the games most people have played on PC or a console over the years, from Mirror's Edge to Epic's own Gears of War franchise.


While some of the graphics released for this announcement are deemed to be a little short of the mark, (how one can tell that from a still image beats me), the production tools of the editor under the hood, to handle shading and effects as they roll in when the game is being played, is the real proof of the pudding.  The rendering of light mass is said to be in realtime and totally dynamic in UE4.



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