Trumbull at GTC

Sun 7th Apr 2013 | News

In this short YouTube video recalls the latest NVIDIA GPU Conference where Douglas Trumbull discusses his film project 'UFOTOG', the world’s first 120 frames per second stereoscopic 4K film.

In this video, Douglas Trumbull references a new way of Post Production using efficient compositing, with Doug Trumbull's view of the VFX industry. The video also includes the Making of UFOTOG and references Steve Roberts and Jeff Krebs, from eyeon Software working with eyeon Fusion & Generation, powerful tools that work at 120 frames per second, 4k in 3D. There are several references to eyeon Software pipeline from eyeon to Avid for stable workflow.  eyeon Software’s hands-on involvement is integral to the development of this ground-breaking hyper-real, cinematic innovation.



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