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Wed 7th Dec 2005, by tim | Cgfilm

Neill Blomkamp is a director of commercials in Vancouver in Canada. With a background in visual effects, he is most renowned for the first Transvaal film that gave life to the ‘robot police’ idea. The commercials he works on and directs tend to feature the edge of reality, introducing a virtually acceptable CG element to the sequences, with a cinema-veritae, documentary flavor.

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“I asked Spy Films in Toronto to finance my plans to fly to South Africa and shoot this short film,” says Neill. “I had a prosthetics FX artist in Vancouver make three prosthetic masks for me as well.”


Two of his friends in South Africa produced the bare footage in Johannesburg, and a casting agency found the actors, although a fair chunk of the people seen in the film are just regular South Africans. “When I got back to Vancouver I started to do work on the visual effects, using LightWave, Photoshop and boujou,” says Blomkamp, “though much like the rest of the industry working on projects on the side, I slowly chipped away at it while also doing some other projects.”

Neill Blomkamp works with RATEL VFX in Vancouver, a small studio specializing in TVC VFX. He is represented by RSA Films in Los Angeles, and Spy Films in Toronto.

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